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  1. We would like to share this new piece by Elvira Muratore: "Alias: Narcissus" The piece, written for viola d'amore, clarinet and string orchestra. has been performed by Thessaloniky City Symphony Orchestra in Megaron Concert Hall on November 8 2018. The soloists where Valerio Losito (Viola d'amore) and Odysseas Karidis (Clarinet). The conductor was M° Andrea Vitello Thanks for watching and for your comments !
  2. We would like to invite you to have a look at the announcement of the IV Florence String Quartet Call for Scores. The Call for Scores provides to the composers opportunities with the String Quartet of La Scala (Milan), Accord Quartet (Budapest), Lutoslawsky Philarmonic (Lomza, Poland). in addition to publication of the score and of a CD of the recording. www.callforscores.com
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