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  1. Thank you Ben! I used Berlin Woodwinds and Berlin strings. Solo violin from cinestrings solo. Cineharp. I used eq, a little bit of compression and tape saturation and a vinyl emulator to make the sound more "vintage". And reverb of course.
  2. Thank you! @Jean Szulc yeah we often like the cinematic sound 'cause it's so fat, wide ande hyped but it's not always the appropriate aesthetic. @Luis Hernández I was not perfectly satisfied with the vibrato so I hope to improve that in the future. Regarding reverb, did you think of the solo violin or the section?
  3. Great piece! Love your harmonies. I liked the transformations through the piece. Thumbs up!
  4. Hi everyone! I finished this mockup of one of my favourite soundtracks today. Thought I'd share it with you. It's the main theme from the film Schindler's List composed by John Wiliams. I did it mainly to work on my midi mockup and mixing skills. I aimed for a sound as realistic to a real orchestra as possible. I also tried to make the sound a little "vintage" and not so hyped as you can hear in a lot of today's film music. Hope you'll enjoy. Any feedback is appreciated!
  5. Great piece! I've listened to it twice now and I have some comments. I think the beginning is really great. I like the suspense/build without making it too loud. The cello part is also good. In the calmer parts I think it sounds like the brass intruments are playing quite loud but that the volume is low. I think maybe you could achieve better clarity in those parts. My ears are quite "tired" even in these calmer parts. And I think maybe there is too much diffence in volume overall? I think you should save the full blasting power to the last climax and I think 4.10 should be either calmer or the ending. I quite like epic trailer music with a lot of ostinatos but I think many composers could benefit from spending more time on making memorable melodies. (wow, that's my new slogan: Make memorable melodies!). This is just my thoughts. Great writing and mixing overall! Subscribed to your soundcloud 🙂
  6. Thank you! Rabbival, "stronger" is a much better word than "heroic" I agree. Or uplifting I guess. The dorian mode is implied both at 1.26 and 0.41. I think I used it a little smoother at 0.41 changing the mood to a more uplifting sense.
  7. Hello everyone! The last week I've worked on an arrangement of a folk/trad song. It's originally called "Have you seen the ghost of tom". I find the melody quite melancolic and in the first part of the piece I try to express that feeling. But later I tried to make it brighter and more heroic like "a toast to Tom!". Anyway, that was what I was thinking of making this piece. I had a great time making this one! Any feedback or criticism is appreciated?
  8. Tonskald: I have not written out the score yet. Only programmed it in the DAW. Maybe I'll make the score. In that case I will post it here. Mark: Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it. I'll condsider what you said and apply it to my next piece:)
  9. Thank you so much Tonskald! I'd appreciate some criticism also:) But that's really kind of you.
  10. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my latest piece with you guys. Any feedback regarding arranging, orchestration and mixing is appreciated:)
  11. Thanks Quinn! Haha, I'm from Norway so I'm pretty used to it 🙂 I'm not quite sure about the title being the best. But that was the feeling a had in the middle of the composition, so that's what the song became to me.
  12. Thank you, Mark! The ending is a bit abrupt, but I kind of like it. I appreciate that you think it sounds like my own work, though I feel like all I do is copying, borrowing and stealing ideas and techniques from older composers 🙂
  13. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a tune I've been working on the last weeks. Tried to make a light and easy theme with elements of something cold or frozen maybe. I know it's very short but I like making these short tunes as a learning tool for improving my orchestration and mixing skills. Any comments?:)
  14. Thanks! I'm pretty new to composing and would've liked to know where there's room for improvement, both in the arrangement/orchestration and in the mix.
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