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  1. Eirik Gisnås

    Icy January

    Thanks, Pax! Appreciate the feedback 😃
  2. Eirik Gisnås

    Icy January

    Thanks Quinn! Haha, I'm from Norway so I'm pretty used to it 🙂 I'm not quite sure about the title being the best. But that was the feeling a had in the middle of the composition, so that's what the song became to me.
  3. Eirik Gisnås

    Icy January

    Thank you, Mark! The ending is a bit abrupt, but I kind of like it. I appreciate that you think it sounds like my own work, though I feel like all I do is copying, borrowing and stealing ideas and techniques from older composers 🙂
  4. Eirik Gisnås

    Icy January

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a tune I've been working on the last weeks. Tried to make a light and easy theme with elements of something cold or frozen maybe. I know it's very short but I like making these short tunes as a learning tool for improving my orchestration and mixing skills. Any comments?:)
  5. Eirik Gisnås

    We're off - orchestral soundtrack

    Thanks! I'm pretty new to composing and would've liked to know where there's room for improvement, both in the arrangement/orchestration and in the mix.
  6. Here is my latest orchestral tune. I was aiming for a sound in between realistic "live" orchestra and cinematic "epic" sound with big drums. I'd love to get some critical reviews of this.
  7. Eirik Gisnås

    An Epic Adventure

    Thank you for your constructive feedback. 1) I will remember this for my next composition. I'm not 100 % familiar with Musescore yet and I think it's overall a little limited. But I will try to save space. I actually made this one in order to make it play back correctly so I should have made another one just for reading. I know I shouldn't have 6 horn staves.. :) 2) That's funny. I have in fact not heard this soundtrack but it sure is pretty close. Crap... Or maybe I have heard it and my subconsciousness is just tricking me :) I thought someone would say it was too close to Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, at least rhythmically. And regarding the choir I should have written "stagger/free breathing" in that particular place. It has very helpful, thank you!
  8. Eirik Gisnås

    An Epic Adventure

    Yes. You can see the instruments on the pdf or in the musescore-link. I guess you would even call it an expanded orchestra because of the contrabassoon? But I'm not sure. I think modern orchestras have a big variability in instrumentation.
  9. Eirik Gisnås

    An Epic Adventure

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)
  10. Eirik Gisnås

    An Epic Adventure

    Hello! This is my first composition since I started learning about orchestration and composing last year. The sounds are directly from Musescore so it isn't great. I started out composing just for the sake of learning but realized that I enjoyed it very much. I spent a lot of time on it and ended up with this. I'm an amateur composer but I hope you'll like it. I'm happy for any kind of feedback. Eirik Gisnås https://musescore.com/gisnaas/an-epic-adventure