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    I'm a cadet with Bald Hills Fire Department, I play several different instruments and I've been writing/arranging music since the age of 11.
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    Washington State
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    Cadet with BHFD
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    Composing, Phoyography, Model Railroads, Boating
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    John Philip Sousa, Gustav Holst, Hans Zimmer, John Powell, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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    Musescore 2
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    Most Winds with exception to double reeds, Piano

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  1. I found the song to be extremely enjoyable, and very catchy. I listened quite a few times, it's extremely bright and well written, it flows beautifully.
  2. This here particular piece is one that has been in development for around 7 months now. Initially the goal was to have it sound solemn, however this expanded to a quick uplift from what it once was. The backstory was slightly odd to say the least, and at the times I was writing, I didn't even realize I was changing the mood of the song. So, now I'm looking for feedback, name suggestions, etc. What can I do to improve this song, what do you all think as of yet, seeing that its not even half complete and what would be an appropriate title for it? I'm bad with titles.
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