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  1. I did start off with tunes on the piano that I found to convey the catchy, profound, and powerful emotions I describe. So, from my perspective, these tunes of mine do convey what I describe them to be even while played on a basic instrument such as a piano. I do not understand this because, again, other people are telling me that my tunes convey nothing of the sort. From my perspective, the notes of these tunes don't need any more development. If they do, then I am not exactly sure what you mean by that. Nonetheless, I will learn what I need to learn to create good music. If I am fully trained and educated in the future and, yet, I still find myself in the same predicament, then something is going on here that I cannot explain. I did share my music in my opening post. It is the link to the playlist of my tunes at the bottom of that opening post.
  2. My goal is to compose music that is catchy and conveys profound and powerful emotion. It would really be no different than how there are, for example, very memorable, catchy songs and tunes in video games and anime. I plan on composing music like this. But a strange issue I am having here is that, when I produce a certain tune that, from my perspective, is catchy and conveys profound and powerful emotion, it is nothing of the sort when I go and share it to others. Other people report that, yes, it is an actual tune since it has a rhythm and whatnot to make it actual music, but that the tune itself is nothing catchy, does not convey any profound and powerful emotion, and that it's a tune that consists of randomly plucked out notes like a cat walking on the keyboard. From my perspective, I see nothing of the sort at all. But, from other people's perspective, they see it as being so. As a matter of fact, the notes of my tunes do have a pattern to them and aren't just randomly placed notes. I do not understand why others perceive my tunes the way they do and I wish to figure out what is going on here and how to address this issue. I do not want to produce and share music that I simply perceive as catchy and conveying profound and powerful emotion; I wish to produce music that actually conveys the catchy, profound, and powerful emotion I want. Take note that I am a complete beginner to composing and, at this point, I am only putting down the exact notes of these tunes I hear in my mind along with a beat and chords. If you or anyone else would like to listen to one of these tunes I have made, then I would be glad to share one of the soundcloud links to my tunes. Actually, I will go ahead and share my playlist now for others to listen to and figure out what the problem is: https://soundcloud.com/user-432115982/sets/my-best-themes
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