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  1. Hello. Posting some old works that was performed some years ago. Concerto nr. 36 in the late Italian baroque style, written to my better half! Sadly I lost the recording from the concert, so this recording is from a rehearsal. For me this second movement of this concerto is the most expressive slow movement I have written. I. Allegro II. Adagio III. Vivace (La danza dell'amore) Please tell me what you think! Performed by new baroque ensemble 2016.
  2. I think this sound nice :) You say that you found this difficult, the first thing that I noticed in this piece was the harmonic rhythm. Have you thought about that? When you write an in the baroque style, the harmonic rhythm is everything. Themes are bound by the harmonic rhythm. In this case your harmonic rhythm is not enough grounded, and that is why its hard to write. When writing a baroque theme, you need to think the entire structure at once, the rhythm, and the harmonies. If you do this, it will be easy to write good counterpoint :)
  3. Simen-N

    Concerto per vioino e archi in a minor

    Thank you! :) For me the goal is baroque revival, to preserve the old art of composition, not to make it a hybrid. As in every poem the text is by the poet, but the language is the same. Same here. The music follows the principles and the trademarks of the style, there are some compromises here and there, but nothing that is innovative or break with tradition. The goal is to practice and write enjoyable music within the parameters of the baroque language. :) After 15 years of baroque composing, baroque music is my natural musical language now
  4. Simen-N

    Concerto per vioino e archi in a minor

    Thank you very much for the reply Maarten! :) I have to disagree regarding what you say about melody though, tons of baroque music without a clear melodic line, actually most of the work that is not the famous ones! Some pieces are more about creating a mood then a singable melody! But that is a matter of taste! :) Oh, you dont like the d natural! I love it, early baroque technique! the leading note resolves to a dominant seven :) I have written a lot of early baroque, witch is very much based on suspensions and moving in fourths or deceptive cadences! As the opening of fist movement, that is something you would not find in the late baroque repertoire, but more common in the early baroque repertoire. Correct about developing melody in solo, its very normal in a baroque concerto to have one theme in the orchestra and a new theme for the solo parts. The orchestral theme (ritornello) Thank you for the review, interesting discussion :)
  5. Three movement concerto written in the late italian baroque style. I. Allegro II. Adagio III. Allegro Please tell me what you think! SimenN Vox Sæculorum Are you interested in baroque revival in contemporary art music? https://www.facebook.com/voxsaeculorum/