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  1. I know Bells up doesn’t change the sound, but would it be hard for an Oboist or An English Hornist to do it? And yes, getting help from an amateur is better than nothing.
  2. So I'm writing a new piece (I've decided to call it "The Age of Aegis") and I have a couple of questions for how to write things out in a score 1) When writing for stopped horns, should I write the pitch I want to sound or the pitch that will play when stopped? (ex. should I write a concert C if I want that played or a Concert Db so when played it sounds Concert C) 2)I know that Clarinets can do their own version of "Bells Up" (Thank you John Mackey), but can Oboes and English Horns (and to that extent Soprano Saxophones) do the same thing?
  3. I have written for strings before, both Full Orchestra and String Orchestra. Sure, they were pop arrangements, but I don’t think that’s enough to know what is classical string writing. Sorry for not being specific.
  4. Hello there! I'm a composer that's new to the Orchestral Setting and have some possibly general questions. I understand very little about String Instruments (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass) and would like to know some techniques that I could use in my music, or even ways to divide up each section (I've seen things like 2 desks in Violin parts and understand that, but I don't know much else). Would string players please explain some extended techniques to me? Thank you in advance!
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