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    I'm a high school student who has been playing piano for about 11 years and clarinet for about 7 years. I have also taken AP Music Theory and have composed for almost a year. I compose mostly for piano, but I hope to eventually have the time to create concert band pieces.

    Also, my favorite key is Ab Major :)
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    music, drawing, computers
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    Rautavaara, Ravel, Yoshimatsu
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    piano, clarinet

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  1. I'll probably fix that; I forgot to make those sharp while composing. Thanks for catching that.
  2. This is my first string orchestra piece that I have attempted (also for double string orchestra), and I finished it after two weeks. This can be played by one or two orchestras, and I might have this piece played by my school's string orchestra. Almost the entire piece is played in legato. My favorite part of this entire piece is Section I. Here's a sentence of what I feel from this piece: A flow of swirls and magic fill me with warmth, love, relaxation, passion, and a desire to gaze at the grand night sky with its stars... I used works from certain composers like Ralph Vaughan Williams, Holst, Ravel, and a few others as examples to learn. Because I'm relatively new to composing for orchestra, I'd like some feedback on this piece.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I need to learn how to heighten the staff :)
  4. This is my first attempt at a piano sonata. I used a very loose sonata form to encourage experimentation with the motifs and other themes. This is also a birthday gift to my parents, whose birthdays are both in March. Movements: I. Celebration at the Festival (Variation of the Arirang theme with excitement and joy) (0:00) II. Snow Divination (Calm and soothing (like snow falling from the skies) and then with passion) (2:02) III. Dance of Vitality (Quick melodies and a feeling of vigor) (4:58) Movement III is the one that I experimented with the most.
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