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    Hi, this is Youngc! I am newer to the field of composition. I compose mainly in the Romantic Classical style. I do venture out into the realms of jazz and Avant-garde. My primary instrument is the piano.


    I would be willing to collaborate with people if the want to.
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    Composition, Geocaching, Munzee-ing, Marching Band, drawing
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    Steve Reich, Mozart, Bach, Debussy, Chopin, Liszt, Gershwin, and others
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    Classical, Jazz, Avant-Garde, others yet to be unearthed.
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    Finale, Musescore, Ensemble Composer, NotateMe, Paper and pencil
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    Piano, Percussion, Voice, Soprano Recorder (in elementary school)

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  1. This is great! (I don't really listen to atonal-leaning music but good ideas....) Explore the theme in Eb major (shift with a Eb major 7 chord) and then repeat the process in Db then do a descending thing like you dod at the end but in Db then hold a bass note and then gradually shift back into the original theme/9how you had it before). Does that help? I m sorry I am just not one to compose atonal-is so....yah!
  2. In some parts you could have some of the bass notes in a trombone? Do you want more of a build? I would suggest add some brass and expand the theme in the middle maybe. Its great! Keep working!
  3. I felt like there needed to be something in between. So no levels or anything.
  4. This link goes to a post called "Story Scoring". You will write a story (or an idea for a story/poem/etc) and I compose something for it. Then after, we compare what you thought it would sound like to what I composed (I will post the story composition in a separate thread and put a link in the is Topic)! This will be on-going so post whenever! Thanks!
  5. My questioname is because the Romans added everything up so 41 but thanks
  6. As a young composer of the 21st century 🏙✈️ it can be easy to be intimidated by the sheer amount of musical styles and ideas now floating 💭 in the internet 💻. True that....Props for posting your video dude!
  7. m1-18 and m.34 thru measure 50 sound most like a etude/fantasy the theme after measure 19 kind of sounded like the intro for "The Twilight Zone".... m.19-22 could be the Major section of Fantasy/etude. m,23-33 could be a waltz? some ideas?
  8. Thanks to you two! I try to create masterpieces but even masterpieces are subjective...so thanks!
  9. This might be silly but is any of ABBA''s music in ABBA form (ABB+A, ABBA+,etc.) ?
  10. Here is my first of two voluntarily assigned Preludes! Hope you Enjoy! Feedback and Criticism are welcome!
  11. Bravo......just listening to it.....I only know how to play guitar(a beginning guitar class) so Im not qualified to answer technicalities
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