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    I am a relatively new composer and would be willing to collaborate with people if the want to.
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    Composition, Geocaching, Munzee, Marching Band
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    Steve Reich, Mozart, Bach, Debussy, Chopin, Liszt, Gershwin, and any others I missed
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    Classical, Jazz, Avant-Garde, anything really
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    Finale, Musescore, Ensemble Composer, NotateMe, Paper and pencil
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    Piano, Percussion, Voice (yes I PLAY my voice)

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  1. How do I have the A that is in the treble clef in the bass clef but the stem still faces upwards?
  2. Youngc

    My String Quartet #1

    As Luis Hernández said: For you first string quartet, it sounds great! The only thing I would suggest is less block chords and maybe to expand on the theme.
  3. Youngc

    The Blue Forest

    I like it! The beginning part may be called a little random by some people. I like it very much!
  4. I will see today! As of right now no.
  5. First is the original, then the variation! 🙂
  6. | variations-dutch- for Maarten Bauer.mid
  7. Do you want the theme and then the variation of just the variation?
  8. Youngc


  9. Youngc

    How much money has Beethoven made?

    I am pretty sure a Classic FM article has how much money Beethoven made.
  10. Youngc

    3 Preludes

    And measure 14 sounds like an abrupt stop.
  11. Youngc

    3 Preludes

    Sorry exercise not excursive.
  12. Youngc

    Something Russian sounding???

    Harmonic scale. I f you could find any scales that were predominantly used in Russia that would be great!