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    I am a relatively new composer and would be willing to collaborate with people if the want to.
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    Composition, Geocaching, Munzee, Marching Band
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    Steve Reich, Mozart, Bach, Debussy, Chopin, Liszt, Gershwin, and any others I missed
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    Classical, Jazz, Avant-Garde, anything really
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    Finale, Musescore, Ensemble Composer, NotateMe, Paper and pencil
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    Piano, Percussion, Voice (yes I PLAY my voice)

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  1. Youngc

    Fugal Puzzle

    No problem
  2. It is not a genre persay, but look up the mystery genre and the related.
  3. Sounds like a suspense soundtrack, but you can work it into whatever you want!
  4. Youngc

    Musical term for this?

    Majestic, maestoso
  5. I'll take a listen!
  6. I watch Rick Beato too! I'll definitely take a listen!
  7. I'll take a listen
  8. Youngc


    I will take a listen!
  9. Youngc

    No idea what this symbol means

    Can you expand the image?
  10. Youngc

    [Open discussion] Young Composers Magazine

    When is the next one?
  11. Pines of Rome, Doctor Gradis ad Parnassum, there is a harp compositon by i think Faure that I like
  12. Youngc

    Orchestral Seats

    As everybody else said, go for it! Thanks for the explaination! Have fun!
  13. Youngc

    Orchestral Seats

    I think the harp is usually over on the left, the flutes are usually in front of the conducter. The contra-bassoons (is that what cb is) are right by the bassoons. The clarinets are by the flutes. Everything else looks good! This sounds like a fun challenge! I am not an expert on this but from what I have seen this is how it is.
  14. I understand. Thank you!