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  1. I updated "Flowers of Edinburgh" yet again:
  2. A slightly better version of "Flowers of Edinburgh" as well as two others:
  3. I just finished this one.
  4. I've discovered no greater pleasure when it comes to composing music than that which I gain from taking melodies written by other composers and harmonizing them. When I say "harmonizing," I mean doing something more along the lines of adding independent melodies to the original than putting block chords underneath, above, or around it. (The extent to which my harmonizations really contain multiple coherent melodies has so far varied--largely because I've been experimenting.) I'm creating this thread first of all to ask for sources of unaccompanied melodies in MIDI format--in particular, I'd like longer melodies, as the ones I've been using are barely long enough--and second of all to share the harmonizations that I've been composing. Feedback is welcome. Here's are the first two I'll post:
  5. I put a little bit of extra effort into this harmonization. It's my best one yet:
  6. It's almost impossible to imagine that a person without perfect pitch would be capable of associating different keys with different moods. How would they do it? For my part, I do have perfect pitch, and, as a result, different keys do have sometimes strikingly different qualities to my ear. D minor reminds me of medieval fantasy, for example, and evokes an approximately brownish yellow color, whereas B minor is blue and somewhat dark and imaginative in tone.
  7. Here's a much clearer version of An Gabhran as harmonized by me:
  8. I've improved since the last time I posted. Here's a harmonization I did of a short melody called An Choisir:
  9. In my never-ending quest for musical perfection, here is improvement number three: .
  10. There was one little note that was bothering me. Here's the improved version: .
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