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  1. I finished today's canon. There are one or two spots that bother me, but I'm not going to try changing them.
  2. I started another canon today. The voice leading proved to be difficult, and it steered me into a high register. I wonder if I ended up going too high.
  3. This one is a short canon.
  4. Another one. Actually, it might be done, but it's too short to have its own topic.
  5. Here's one I started earlier tonight.
  6. Yes, D is definitely liberal in its treatment of dissonance. The difficulty I had was that getting the voices to move into the desired harmonies required a lot of leaps into dissonances. I didn't want to sacrifice the integrity of the progression to considerations of dissonance treatment. Perhaps I should go back and insert some chords in between the chords that are already there so as to make the flow a bit smoother.
  7. Instead of creating a new topic every time I start a composition and want suggestions or feedback on it, I will use this as my sole thread for uploading various past and future works-in-progress. The first two were started half a decade ago when I first got a piano and started learning to compose music (107 is pretty rough just before the middle point; it needs revision there). The second one was started yesterday and, I hope, works well on a harmonic level. It was a test for a certain technique that I invented, a technique that I hope will provide a strong foundation for writing chord progressions.
  8. My power was out for a couple of days, and upon having it restored, I listened to "B" again. My fresh ears revealed to me that "B" sounds fairly bad--worse, in fact, than a lot of the stuff I composed within a few months of starting to learn how to write music. Will I attempt to salvage it? Absolutely not. Its problem? More of a stylistic one than a technical one, as I mostly followed the old rules of counterpoint when writing it.
  9. Thank you for your feedback, aMusicComposer. : ) What would you suggest I change with some of the harmonies?
  10. This is my first post on this forum, and I will use it, first of all, to say that I'm fairly new to music composition--I've been at it for about half a decade now. So don't judge me too harshly if these works aren't especially good. I've only just gotten to the point where I feel like I'm skilled enough, possibly, to complete music compositions. What I would like is some commentary on whether the melodies and harmonies are clear and flow well, plus any other sort of feedback you consider to be worth giving. Hopefully I will learn something about writing music.