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  1. Thanks for your response. I've not considered Photoshop. I have had the thought that a simple graphics app with "tap and drag" functionality with a stylus should be able to do what I want. This could be an extremely simple software with note heads, note stems, staves (treble, bass, C clef), and any other graphics needed to make a notated score. It could be sort of a subset-software of a package, but with no MIDI playback capability. It seems to be completely off the radar of notation developers. I guess I keep hoping that what I described already exists in some quiet corner of the apps market. My issue is that when writing music, I often want to delete or insert something. Using paper for this means recopying everything, or awkwardly drawing arrows to indicate where to insert something. Digital editing capability would make this so easy.
  2. I sometimes do what I think of as sketching (see an example below). I mostly just notate black note heads. The melodic phrasing is often elastic, or in my head. Most rhythm is not notated. But I often write several measures later that I'd like to insert someplace - having to hand copy everything over is such a chore. I often make changes like this. That's why I'd like a graphics only music notation software. I'm thinking of buying a Surface Pro clone - the HP Elite x2 g2 tablet and using StaffPad. I think I may be able to trick it into allowing what I want. But I wish someone would make a "graphics only" software that would accommodate both the original poster and me. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3ui9JUkGl5FX1JicWNiQU81Vms
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