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  1. Thanks @Monarcheon for the feedback. I did end up rewriting the theme so that it wasnt like that. I used it in my nocturne in d minor which is on this site. I'm not sure if some of it is neutonal or not.
  2. Thanks @BlindAdrenaline but this is not me playing its just Sibelius. I wish I could play that accurately. I see what you mean @caters. Do you reckon it needs a bit of changing then?
  3. I know I'm pushing it a bit calling this a nocturne. First time I have tried to compose this sort of piece. Please do let me know where to improve. Thanks.
  4. I was thinking of using this as a theme for a theme and variations piece but not sure if it fits that sort of thing. Any ideas if this is acceptable, or what needs to change? Thanks for any feedback.
  5. Thanks for the feedback and comments on the piece @SergeOfArniVillage and @.Em.. I'll have a look at varying m 33 on. Probably will go for a simple variation.
  6. Fifth nocturne. Maybe too repetitive but not completely sure. Please do give feedback if you have any. Thanks very much.
  7. Attempted a section in an odd time signature. Trying to combine the middle section with the rest of the piece took ages. Please do give feedback. Thanks.
  8. Is there any sheet music? Makes it easier to follow if there is. I found it pleasant though.
  9. Thanks @SilverWolf and @Luis Hernández for the nice comments. Yes I had a feeling that part has been used somewhere else.
  10. I feel like this has ripped off something else but I'm not sure. Please do let me know what you think. Thanks.
  11. Thanks very much @Guillem82 it's great to hearrange you like it. I never thought about it sounding that way but now that you mention it it does sound a bit anime. I just use Sibelius sounds for the audio. Not sure what VST it is.
  12. Just finished this piece recently. Any feedback is very much appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the feedback @Luis Hernández and @Ken320. I'll have to try that. I recently updated the piece to try and help it flow better. It still sounds like different pieces but I'll have to give that a try. Yes, also C major just feels like a tough key anyway.
  14. I have set myself a challenge of trying to compose 24 nocturnes all in different keys. This is the first one that I have attempted. I find it very hard to write in C major and as a result there are several key changes in this. Also, the piece seems to feel disjointed. If you have any ideas on how to improve this piece I would appreciate it greatly.
  15. Completed this piece recently. It is quite short so I'm not sure if it should be lengthened. Feedback is appreciated as always thanks.
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