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  1. One thing I can say is that sometimes it is unclear what harmony is fitting with the melody. For example in bar 3 both the left and right hand play a D, so it doesn't sound clear what the chord is (I'm guessing G?). Whereas bar 6, the B and G together show that it is G major resolving into C (which is why two Cs works, as it's clear where the melody/harmony is leading). Its a nice little piece but sometimes can be a bit ambiguous. I'm not the best with musical theory so this is just a suggestion and may be wrong ITO theory.
  2. Cheers @maestrowick. I'll put my name on, what happens if you don't put your name on works? Do you mean add more to each variation or add more variations? I won't lie I had to look up what a motive is, I'll certainly try to develop them. Thanks again.
  3. Just completed this after spending two months trying to come up with something in F. Decided to experiment a bit here with weird rhythms etc. and don't know if it is a successful use of these things or not. Any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated, cheers. Also thanks @Tortualex, @maestrowick, @Jean Szulc and @J.Santos for your feedback on my previous Eb min. nocturne. I'll work on the suggested improvements but it will most likely take a while as it take me ages to come up with anything now.
  4. I don't know much about discordant compositions such as this, but it was a marvellous listen. Thanks for sharing this piece.
  5. Gradually trying to work up the keys. This nocturne is again an update like the Eb major one was. Its taking ages. Not sure about the time signatures or ending. No slurs as the software treats the slurs as a pedal sometimes. This piece might be a bit of a mess but don't know. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.
  6. I enjoyed this a lot. The range of ideas kept it very interesting throughout. I was a bit surprised at the start when after the intro it went to Eb major rather than G major/minor, but that's not a bad thing. Not much else I can say really, its lovely.
  7. Its a nice listen. I do think the constant jumps back down the piano in the left hand are very difficult (but possible). I think more variation in both hands would be good, as the patterns are pretty much the same throughout the whole piece. The end was a nice change. Also, if played on a real piano, following the pedal notation would make the piece sound quite muddy. It does work here though.
  8. Lovely stuff. As said before they're all playable. Are those photocopied images of the sheet music? They look a bit grainy.
  9. Thanks again @Luis HernándezI appreciate the time you take to listen and give feedback for the pieces I put on here. Yes for some reason it sounded fine with all those changes from duplets to triplets. I'll probably name it rhapsody then.
  10. Tried to improve on the old nocturne in Eb major. It was a real pain this one. Please let me know what you think and any feedback is good.
  11. Hi @Luis Hernández thanks very much for the detailed feedback here. Yes it does tend to fall on the beat and in measures, will try and add suspensions. I see what you mean about it sounding muddy, probably worth deleting some of the chord notes as you said. I'll shift the last part up an octave (at least some of it). Thanks again for the good advice on this piece.
  12. Didn't like the old c major nocturne so tried to make a new one. Please do leave feedback.
  13. Thanks @Monarcheon for the feedback. I did end up rewriting the theme so that it wasnt like that. I used it in my nocturne in d minor which is on this site. I'm not sure if some of it is neutonal or not.
  14. Thanks @BlindAdrenaline but this is not me playing its just Sibelius. I wish I could play that accurately. I see what you mean @caters. Do you reckon it needs a bit of changing then?
  15. I know I'm pushing it a bit calling this a nocturne. First time I have tried to compose this sort of piece. Please do let me know where to improve. Thanks.
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