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  1. AngelCityOutlaw

    Dragons of The West — Last Airbender Inspiration!

    John Powell is great. The day that How To Train Your Dragon lost at the Oscars to "The Social Network" is the day any faith I had in the oscars died =P
  2. AngelCityOutlaw

    Dragons of The West — Last Airbender Inspiration!

    Uncle Iroh, was the dragon of the west and the show was written by Americans. *Thus, the title. Inspired by the show's aesthetics, not the music. Further, I'd say Kung Fu Panda 3 is actually Zimmer's best score, IMO Thanks! I could, but it wouldn't be as authentic given that traditional Chinese music is famous for penatonic scales, though this is more *westernized.
  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender happens to be my favourite TV show (and only the greatest animated series of all time =P) but I also really love East-Asian instruments, and so this seemed like a perfect excuse to use both those instruments — koto, bansuri, dizi, shamisen, shakuhachi, sarangi — and some elemental sounds.
  4. AngelCityOutlaw

    Mushroom Grassland Level

    It definitely sounds like Mario! I don't find the transitions "stiff" or whatever, but I'm not really a fan of the counter melody you have around 30 seconds. That's my only complaint really.
  5. AngelCityOutlaw

    Under the Sea

    ♫Darling it's better Down where it's wetter Take it from me Up on the shore they work all day Out in the sun they slave away While we devotin' Full time to floatin' Under the sea!♪ Oh, wait — wrong song. Anyway, I think it sounds good but I would say that some of the mallet and wind instruments, and definitely the arpeggios around 3 minutes feel too loud. I'd also say that a lot your harmony is a tad too "dark" to me. At least, when I think of the sea and the picture you've chosen, I think happy and floaty and not like Jaws. But around 2:10 or so, the chords and everything there feels more like 1930s murder mystery. Also, those brass samples Overall though, I enjoyed the piece! I'd just look at fixing up the dynamics a bit.
  6. AngelCityOutlaw

    "We're Going Home" — Space Fantasy Soundtrack

    Hey thanks! I'm not seeing how the horn sounds 'forced' though, as it just moves down a half-step.
  7. Hey Fantastic playing and it's a great piece! I would say that if I have a complaint though, it's that it sounds way too homogeneous because all of the timbre is piano, and seemingly the same piano sound and since the texture, with all of your many different lines (which are also great) is near constant through the piece, I found myself kind of zoning out. I actually think that, with strictly piano here, a "less is more" approach would be great. A solo piano arrangement instead of a multi-piano arrangement. Simply put: I'd love to hear this as an arrangement for an ensemble of instruments.
  8. AngelCityOutlaw

    "We're Going Home" — Space Fantasy Soundtrack

    Hey, thanks for the feedback. Well, some things about this kind music is that it's supposed to be fairly cheesy in my opinion. Most of the classic sci-fi themes are. Also, that semitone is because in that chromatic mediant modulation, and where the melody is in that moment in time, the nearest chord tone is a half step away. Emaj to Cmaj has a difference of two half steps between the third and the fifth of Emaj, so that step down I'd argue is the defining feature of the sound. I could have done something else, but to me that voice-leading/flow just feels right. ¯\_(0.o)_/¯ Hey, thanks a lot! It is not live — it's all virtual instruments.
  9. The ending of Voltron Season 6, and this picture of Tracy Caldwell Dyson inspired me to compose something that sounds like an epic journey back home through outer space. Let me know what you think, and thanks for listening!
  10. AngelCityOutlaw

    Tips for Creating Ambient Songs?

    Well, composition-wise, sounds like you've got it down pretty well. Drones, synth chords, etc. But for me, when I think ambient, I think less "musical" but still resembling music. The easiest way to create ambient sounds to take any sort of sound source, and run it into a HUGE reverb, no pre-delay, long decay time and no dry signal sent to the master what so ever. Also, take some audio from a sound source, and stretch it out. You can also reverse sounds. Not to hijack your thread, but to demonstrate the tips I'm talking about, I used all of them in one of my old ambient tracks I created for Halloween 😃
  11. AngelCityOutlaw

    Sally Forth!

    Are you offended or something?
  12. AngelCityOutlaw

    Epic music

    Hey! Definitely nailing the epic vibe. There are a couple things that bother me though. Your brass writing isn't very realistic. That ostinato you have there is much better suited to strings or synth, and it doesn't leave any room for the players to really breath! As a result, it makes it sound "fake". Also there seems to be something going on in the low end that is masking and deadening the impact of your drums ☺️
  13. AngelCityOutlaw

    Sally Forth!

    A fantasy tune I composed. It's inspired by those "prologue" tracks from older RPGs. Basically, think of it as the soundtrack to the start of a D&D campaign. 😛
  14. AngelCityOutlaw

    -=Blue Flower=-

    Dial back the drama, dude. You didn't give "feedback". There is nothing in your post that is any sort of constructive criticism. Shall I remind you? You say it doesn't sound like blue flowers you know; whatever that means. Next, you question why would sell his music when this is something countless musicians do. Then, you give him the back-handed compliment of saying that though it's "nice", you wouldn't pay for it; there is zero purpose to stating that, save for the suggestion this music is "unworthy" of being paid for. Lastly, you say "could be a nice....like a soundtrack" when this is posted in the "Soundtracks & Incidental" section. You didn't "review" the piece and I'm more than qualified to call out belligerence. If this is your usual method, you should reconsider it. He thanked you for listening; not your "feedback" You don't know anything about me. I have a life, it's not a contest, and over the last ten years I've given feedback on probably thousands of pieces — this isn't the only forum out there.
  15. AngelCityOutlaw

    -=Blue Flower=-

    ...why not? He has every right to do with it as he pleases. A word of advice: Have some more class than to give people back-handed compliments like this. If you're not going to buy someone's music, don't announce to them that you have no intention of it and feign surprise that someone would be selling it in the first place. Unreal. Nice! I could hear it working in an RTS game like that. I love historical settings. My only criticism is that the intro is of a totally different vibe from the rest of the tune, and there seems to be a tuning issue between the organ and synth.