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  1. Dinosnore

    What instrument is this?

    Oboe was definitely my first guess. My second guess was a clarinet in its high register, but it has that ducky sound that's more characteristic of the oboe. My next best guess would be a cor anglais, but... yeah I'm still pretty sold on the oboe.
  2. Dinosnore

    Indicating bowing for string instruments

    Oh geez, that's actually really helpful and makes a lot of sense. I assumed there was some kind of proper way to notate bowing/slurs and I was just not connecting the dots somehow. I'd love not having to dictate every little things, but it was one of the things my prof wanted me to work on. I have plenty of faith in the performers' judgement calls. 😛 Thanks!
  3. As someone who does not play any string instruments, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around bowing. I have had one of my pieces performed by a string quartet earlier this year and am working on another. However, I would like to improve on notating bowing, but I am not too sure where to start. The only advice I was given was to "slur" 16th notes, but there's gotta be more to it than that, no? I've looked at many scores to try and find a pattern of sorts, but I just can't figure it out. Thank you.