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  1. I use an electronic loop as an element to provide atmosphere although it's more chamber work than electronica. I've cranked up the piano click intentionally. If you are scratching your head after hearing this, 'that's different', or 'hmm', then I have succeeded.
  2. I like the piece. "Weird" is another way of saying not following all the conventions, which IMHO is what is needed to be creative. I'm puzzled by the slow part at 1:30. It isn't long enough or developed enough to be a contrasting section. What did you intend?
  3. Here's a link to my piece: https://soundcloud.com/user-659082399-303084762/largo-ostinato I appreciate feedback. Technically what's happening: The piece is in 5/4, which gives space to the melodic lines, key of E flat, playing with G natural and flat. It starts with piano ostinato, adds a cello ostinato, successively adds 2 melodies and then combines the 2 melodies over the ostinatos. I created it using mixcraft pro studio 8 virtual instruments. Feedback on another website was to the effect that real strings on long notes have more dynamics. Do you agree or do you think the more flat, even strings works better?
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