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  1. It's just a lot of fun to listen to, there's so much that goes on throughout the entire song. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who's interested in bands like The Dear Hunter, Thank You Scientist, Haken, or any other bands similar to those, which are all also very good bands as well!
  2. @Rabbival507 It is actually not a mistake. I thought that little bit of dissonance there suited where it was put, though I don't know how fitting it sounds to other people. Is it a bit too noticeable?
  3. Wasn't sure where exactly to put this, but I figured here would be the best bet. Just a piece comprised of three ideas I came up with that seemed to mesh together well enough, so I hope you guys enjoy it! It doesn't have a name, so I hope that's okay. I'd consider it finished at least, but if this is against any rules, I'll be more than happy to ask for the post to be deleted. Because the sheets don't come out well in PDF form (for some reason, thank you Noteflight), you can find them here: https://www.noteflight.com/scores/view/f9fe44ac366c5c5b8287a4b092a637c2db79c1e1
  4. Okay, so before anyone listens to this, I'd like to point out that I'm not really sure how best to set up an orchestral composition with some choral work, so I apologize in advance if any of this sounds weird to trained ears. 😛 It's a fairly straightforward piece, so I wouldn't expect anything great, but I don't write works like this very often so it was fun. I usually just stick to solo piano. Hope you guys enjoy it! Edit: PDF not working, here's my noteflight score for the piece if sheet music is needed -- https://www.noteflight.com/scores/view/ce89bcbfab498471f17c918b8ea5761ff8feb55b
  5. @Luis Hernández I may have set the key wrong, since it sounds like everything is resolving to B so it's probably just B major, actually. My bad. 😁I don't normally pay much attention to that when I first start writing for some reason... Just focused on the sound.
  6. @Rabbival507 Yeah, the pedaling for Noteflight isn't exactly the best, or it may just be me because often times when the pedal lifts and then the next note or chord is played, it's such an abrupt change that it has never sounded too good for me. Then again, it may just be me. 😛 I'll have that fixed the next time I post an updated version of this! And I've fixed the upper hand to bass. Thank you! @Luis Hernández The end is open at the moment because I do plan on adding more, but it was late when I posted this and only had about 4 hours of sleep last night (yay!) so I forgot to add in another measure to resolve it. And what about C# makes it difficult exactly? I'm not as good at playing piano, so there are still some things I don't understand about the difficulty of playing in certain keys. The pedaling will usually always be a little off until I have a finished piece and fix everything up. Generally, I focus more on the sound of the playback than the way the sheets are written until it's finished, so sorry for the weirdness of the sheets. I'll see what I can do about fixing it. 😁
  7. Hey guys. First post, wanted to drop this in here before I start officially (attempting) to contribute to the forum. I've been composing for a few years now; self-taught, with inspiration from composers like Debussy and Satie, even though it may not sound like it as much as I try to emulate portions of their music in mine. They have a sound that's kind of hard to pin down, especially considering my somewhat limited knowledge of theory and my incapability of writing anything longer than a simple theme. So the problem is that I don't have issues with writing out sections, but moreso that I have trouble connecting them, or structuring them in a way that doesn't sound... I guess in a way that doesn't sound too disjunct. The flow of the music, I suppose, is what I'm getting at. Or sometimes it all just blends together a little too much and begins to sound bland. It may just be me though. Any tips? Also, sorry for the sort of messy sheets, I don't really pay much attention to the layout of certain things while I'm writing.
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