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  1. Hello. This week I decided to write for 3 winds. It's was pretty hard challenge for me, because I'm a piano player and I'm used to harmony. It was hard to write but I did enjoyed the process a lot and I got some nice ideas (maybe later I'll expand it and rewrite for larger ensemble). I don't like the musescore midi sounds so in a few days I will record myself on piano just for fun (to get some real vibrations 😄) and upload here. Comments and critiques are welcome! 🙂
  2. Wow, amazing!! So colourful, playful, and creative, I really liked the third piece. Your suite reminds me of Debussy's "Children Corner".
  3. Very beautiful piece! I really enjoyed clarinet melody and this light, relaxed vibe creating by strings. About your question - i don't thing that you need to indicate other tempo, because all 8th notes would become to quarter notes (you would have to rewrite everything) I'd say melody feels right, written in 8th notes. So in this case it would be logical just to change the time signature, because now B part sounds more like 6/8 than 3/4. Anyway, great work, congratz! 🙂
  4. Thanks for nice words! I see what you mean. I wasn't doing it on purpose, but I think I just felt like that unconsciously while writing. I'm glad that I took harmony lessons at school pretty serious, although now I study jazz performance and it has almost nothing to do with it. Thanks again, I'll try to keep on writing!
  5. Thank you for your comment and motivation! Its not my first composition though, I have composed few songs before (in jazz style), but nothing for past year. Just now I'm trying to write something every day.
  6. Hello everyone. It's my first post here in youngcomposers forum. So, I decided to start composing! My goal now is to compose a short piece every week, with some kind of limitations, to keep my work organized, more interesting and asking some research. To get started my limitation now was simple - write melody first and then harmonize it. So it's my first tune for 'one tune in a week' challenge, and my first composition for strings! Sounds a little silly, but I had some fun while composing this, and that I think is very important! Critiques and feedback are more than welcome! 🙂
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