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  1. Sounds incredible. The dynamics really make it. Which sample libraries did you use to make this?
  2. My first impression was more like a machine singing :). Nice idea though.
  3. In the first one it bothers me how one of the synths is out of tune. The one that plays with the chirps at 0:20. The second one could use more dynamics. There is not much of a feeling of build-up and resolution. The third one: again it bothers me how the synth at 0:54 is out of tune. I guess it could be seen as a stylistic choice. I like the combination of the pizzicato strings, the flute and the glockenspiel. The fourth one breathes nicely. My favourite is the second one. I think the overall combination of instruments is the best in that one.
  4. The vocal trill at 0:08 sounds off. That sounds physically impossible to sing. It makes it really obvious that it's not a real singer. The harp is drowned out by the organ. Maybe move it up an octave? This could also fix the lack of high frequencies pointed out by Battlegun. The organ sounds massive compared to the rest. I would cut some of it out with EQ.
  5. Sounds great. Nice mix of electronic and orchestral sounds.
  6. Great playing. I like the fact that it's all piano. Sure, it might sound great with an ensemble, but here you have something *special* because it's only pianos. How far can you push this style? I suggest trying to perfect this style and see where you can go with it.
  7. Here's my shot at the Arabian scale (double harmonic minor). It's not easy to come up with chords for that scale :). The song has got a strange mix of instruments - I'm not sure if that's working or not. Any feedback on the composition, sounds and mixing is very welcome.
  8. As a fan of Mario music, I find this track amazing. Great vibe. Nice slides in the melodies.
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