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    My name is Theodore Servin. I’m a 16-year-old composer of late romantic music. I am also a pianist, and I usually play my own works.
    My favorite type of music is Romantic, though I also love Baroque, Classical, and a little bit of Impressionist music. I also like some jazz music, particularly Baroque-style jazz. I absolutely adore Russian music, both classical and popular folk music.

    My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk5ruZl0V4gHj5R_q2d5OJg/featured
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    Music, drawing
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    Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Saint-Saens, Dvorak, Bach, Beethoven
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    Tonal: Late-romantic
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  1. The nocturne has been made into a score video by thenameisgsarci! Now you can see the score! 😄
  2. This is quite the accomplishment! 12 high-quality Italian baroque violin concertos! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to other future projects of yours! Sincerely, Theo 🙂
  3. Theodore Servin

    Prelude and Fugue in G major

    I love the whole thing. Great job, @Pietro17! Theo
  4. This is a beautiful piece for piano. Very pianistic and complex, and very well thought out. Great performance as well! All the best, Theo 🙂
  5. Theodore Servin

    Piano Quartet in B-flat major, Op. 3

    Thank you, @OscarDude15! Theo 😄
  6. Theodore Servin

    Violin concerto in d minor

    Great concerto! Great harmonies and orchestration! I'm looking forward to your next piece! Theo
  7. Theodore Servin


    I'll B-flat minor for the second one.
  8. Theodore Servin

    Prelude and Fugue in G major

    This is a great fugue! I couldn't see the score, but it sounds like followed all the rules for fugal writing, and you did a really nice job doing so! Great music! Theo
  9. Theodore Servin

    Prelude and Fugue in A-flat Major

    This is a really nice piece! Very emotional and expressive, especially the prelude. Thanks!
  10. Theodore Servin


    I'll try to invite some more people over to the club. Theo
  11. Theodore Servin

    Piano Quartet in B-flat major, Op. 3

    @Youngc, the word "Heroica" was originally part of the name of the piano quartet. I called it that for the competition which I submitted the first movement of the work to. The first video, by the way, is the performance of it at the competition's concert. Later on, however, I decided to just call it "Piano Quartet", without the word "Heroica" attached to it.
  12. Theodore Servin

    Piano Quartet in B-flat major, Op. 3

    Thank you, @Youngc! Theo 🙂
  13. Theodore Servin


    It will probably take a while, but I would like C-sharp minor for a prelude and fugue.
  14. Theodore Servin

    Piano Quartet in B-flat major, Op. 3

    Thank you so much, @eternum1968! All the best, Theo 😄
  15. Theodore Servin

    Preludes and Fugues.

    May I join? I probably won't be writing a fugue for a while, but sometime in the future I would like to. Theo