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  1. Hi colleagues, Not sure if anyone else is having writer's block from time to time, but I do and also I have not found an ideal solution yet. I tried everything, sleeping over it and coming back the next day, listening to a lot of music etc. but sometimes I just find it hard to get over it. So, I did a lot of research, read the forum discussions around this issue and asked other fellow composers, but my issue is still here. So, a while ago I found this AI company called AIVA or smth (here is their website www.aiva.ai) and also some blog posts & articles that i cannot find at the moment, but they try to claim that they are trying to use AI to help composers to get over this. I wanted to use the platform just to try to see if it works, but seems like it is still not launched, but soon will be. What do you think about using AI or such a platform to overcome this issue? Would you actually use it? Do you think it can be a solution? I am still thinking.....
  2. Hi colleagues, how does licensing usually happen with you customers?
  3. When you say "creative workflow" do you mean the first stages of composition?-Yes
  4. Hi Colleagues, What kind of software do you use in your creative workflow?
  5. Hi colleagues! When was the last time you composed music for a client? Which part of that process was the hardest? And which part of the process was the longest?
  6. Hi colleagues, what are the biggest challenges in your creative process when composing music? And what current solutions do you use to solve them?
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