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  1. eternum1968


    Good work! The piece has a soft mood and these hammering chords keep the interest alive. Nice modern composition.
  2. eternum1968

    My piano composition

    Thank you very much, Jana. I'm glad you liked this piece. Cheers.
  3. eternum1968

    Prelude and Fugue in B major

    Nice! Very paced and well written composition. I don't know the rules for the fugue, but your piece is always interesting during the audition.
  4. eternum1968

    Lydian Fugue

    Despite being in Lydian mode, the fugue sounds very pleasant for me. Good work!
  5. eternum1968

    My piano composition

    Thanks for the reply, Hernàndez. It is useful to have your considerations. All the best.
  6. eternum1968

    My piano composition

    Here is a piano piece I've written: Roberto Zini - Gesto Spontaneo I hope you enjoy 😊
  7. eternum1968

    La Inocencia

    Very good piece! So much paced and exciting alternately. Well written composition!
  8. eternum1968

    Violin concerto in d minor

    Very good concert! In perfect baroque style and much passionate.
  9. eternum1968

    My piece for accompanied flute

    Thanks for the appreciation and for the useful suggestions. It is ever welcome to have feedbacks like yours.
  10. eternum1968

    String Quartet - Winter

    Excellent work, this string quartet movement! Well realized the moods of the season and it is modern, but not tedious. I really appreciated your composition. All the best.
  11. eternum1968

    My piece for accompanied flute

    My composition for flute and piano. Roberto Zini - Gradita Sorpresa I hope it can be interesting.
  12. Wonderful piece! Optimal use of rests and harmonies are impressive. Nice work.
  13. eternum1968

    Piano Quartet in B-flat major, Op. 3

    Very good music. Romantic and passionate! You are a very talented composer. Congratulations!
  14. eternum1968

    A sweet violin elegy

    I used Musescore. It is a free notation software. You should easily find it on the web
  15. eternum1968

    A sweet violin elegy

    Thank you very much, Alex! I'm glad you like this piece. I realized it with a musical program. It isn't executed by physical instruments. Cheers.