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  1. I'd say defenitly a Bird living in North America as your music makes me think of a sort of american movie like Forest Gump sort of movies.
  2. Oups! It tells me you've deleted the video?
  3. Sounds clean 🙂 I'm curious what software you used to create this work? I'm impress to know how much time you have put into creating this! Patience is something I have to work onto.
  4. Wow! I'm still into composing for strictly four voices (still a very beginner composer here), but I aspire being able to compose more complex work such as symphonies! Me and my teacher often refer to andante movement as the "boring" movements of symphonies when you're not really into it, but yours is definitely all, but boring! Great work!
  5. Lot's of content! My favorite bars were 52, 53 and 66 to 70. Gave me the motivation to go back and practice my etude for piano! It is to me, a very dramatic adagio.
  6. I think the music you've made is very true to a cataclysm of that kind as it's not sad at all at first. It's just terrifying and it doesn't give the time to be sad. It does bring some desolation in the middle when the survivalists try to help each other and don't really understand what's going on, but I think that's the point. Everyone is on the panic mode. That's my point of view and very good job to you. I think it's a nice idea to think of how someone could explore other emotions around cataclysm. Like a more romantic view or a last will.
  7. Thanks for your feedback! I'm working on using the counterpoint and finding nicer melodies as well as getting rid of the ostinato as you said. I moved the bass and cello an octave lower and merged the two violin and viola to form only two voices so I can insert a melody on the first violin. I also put the key signature. Also, instead of repeating theme A I'm trying to find a better and original ending that is not the same as the beginning of course.
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