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    I’m an American composer and pianist. I write original compositions mostly for piano.
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    Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Mozart, Schumann,
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  1. Here is one song from last Monday nights recording session, enjoy!
  2. We have been recording/practicing my songs almost every week recently, going to start posting the recordings on YouTube. Here are couple songs from a recent session Evan Frantz Lead Sheet Compositions version 2.pdf
  3. This is a collection of songs I wrote and tracked myself. Planning on eventually recording these live with my group, but thought I’d post these demo versions. Enjoy https://youtu.be/hxl4w9c0r7M
  4. Thanks @SergeOfArniVillage for listening! I like your thoughts and ides about this piece, will definitely try some out! and thanks for the detailed analysis! I’m not that good at analyzing and putting it in words, so I really appreciate it!
  5. This is a piece I wrote in 2015 that I recently added/edited to Finale, it’s part of one of my collections I’m going though and notating, thought I’d share it, enjoy
  6. This is a recent song I’ve been practicing with our jazz group. I’ve been posting my solo piano works here for a while, but this is the first jazz/lead sheet, enjoy!
  7. Thanks @Luis Hernández for listening/reading. I just linked another video of me playing it. I still need to work on the dynamics/timing! But I think it’s better than the midi version
  8. This is a piece I wrote a few months ago, I’ve been having fun playing it and thought I’d share it, enjoy!
  9. Thanks @Rabbival507 and @DanJTitchener for listening/reading and your critique!
  10. These are a couple of short simple songs that I always thought went well together, enjoy!
  11. Thanks for listening and your reviews! @DanJTitchener @Monarcheon
  12. This is a short piece from several years ago
  13. Thanks for listening and the reply!@Luis Hernández
  14. Thanks @Rabbival507 and @SergeOfArniVillage For your comments and critique!! Yes I’m liking the idea of three separate parts , will have to play around with that! As for pedal marks etc.. I’m lazy sometimes with my scores! and totally agree with you @SergeOfArniVillage midi does not do my works justice!
  15. This is a composition from a few years ago, enjoy!
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