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    I’m an American composer and pianist. I write original compositions mostly for piano.
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    Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Mozart, Schumann,
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  1. E.Frantz

    Short composition in C minor

    Thanks for listening and the reply!@Luis Hernández
  2. E.Frantz

    Composition for piano Op.15 No.1.4

    Thanks @Rabbival507 and @SergeOfArniVillage For your comments and critique!! Yes I’m liking the idea of three separate parts , will have to play around with that! As for pedal marks etc.. I’m lazy sometimes with my scores! and totally agree with you @SergeOfArniVillage midi does not do my works justice!
  3. This is a composition from a few years ago, enjoy!
  4. This is kinda like a thru-written sonata, it has three short parts, and the ending is a bit unresolved, also this is a Finale playback too, enjoy!
  5. E.Frantz

    Scherzo in D minor

    Thanks! @JBegley Yeah there’s a bunch of them grace notes!, the audio is Finale playback, definitely can sound smoother playing it! Cheers
  6. Thanks for the comment! @Glenn Simonelli
  7. Hey thanks for the comment!@Luis Hernández Yes this is an older composition of mine that I’ve finally typed out!
  8. yhComposition # 32 Op.6 6.25.09 - Score.pdf
  9. Thanks for listening @Pietro17! yes it is a bit repetitive, actually playing it with dynamics vs. the Finale playback I think sounds much better though. Cheers!
  10. thanks y’all! @eternum1968 @Alexblog @Monarcheon For this recording I used a Roland keyboard with some string sound.
  11. Yes probably would have been better off with no key signature! I selected all notes and just let Finale spell it out according to the key signature. I really appreciate the critique! Thanks!