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  1. My latest composition, a piano miniature in G. With some chord progressions i ,,walked'' through some few other tonalities.
  2. I wrote this composition for flute, clarinet in B and bassoon. I produced the track as a live performance simulation with few sound effects, tweeks... Enjoy.
  3. Teaching yourself theory from youtube can be confusing for beginners. Somebody has to follow and correct your progress, work with private music teachers.
  4. Thank you. Have no idea, probably arabic. I just liked the instrument and how well if fit.
  5. Can anybody recommend me jazz harmony book for beginners? I am trained classical musician, i've mastered classical harmony at the university so it does not have to be ,,very'' basic with learning the music theory and stuff. Ihave listed a couple and i found Jazz harmony book by Andy Jaffe, from first impressions looks ok not too much complicated. Any info about this book or some similiar suggestions?
  6. I worked last week on this splitted sketch for synth and piano, technical exercise.
  7. My latest composition, maybe the most complicated work i have ever done. I am aware of the production that is not superb, but i working every day to be better :) https://soundcloud.com/nenadprokopiev/train
  8. Sometimes simple compositions are more powerful and beautiful than complex harmonies. In my opinion in this case heavy progressions and modulations will not work. But at the end of the day it is all perspectives.
  9. Last time i heard something from Ligeti maybe it was 4 years ago when i was still at the university. Interesting stuff, love it.
  10. The intention of this composition is to present a combination of major and minor, dissonant harmonies mixed together. I wrote it for a project but they rejected it, they said it was too creepy. 🙂
  11. I am working on audio production, still kinda sounds robotic. I will be better in the future.
  12. Two (japanese-styled) compositions, for koto as a main instrument and shamisen. sheet pdf: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jr1oDRwcdFphaR1nYTwKKmbMSblUQnae shi-gatsu (to the moon)
  13. Nenad Prokopiev - Four short stories for piano.pdfThe full suit. I like to work with different styles this have more classical approach. The sheet is attached to the post,enjoy.
  14. Never heard of arabic trap, i should investigate it. Thanks btw.
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