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  1. That's Musescore's website feature called "upload to YouTube".
  2. Sustain pedal lasts at the end of every measure.
  3. Samula

    Polish Waltz [own composition]

    1 Fl studio -> midi -> export sound layer 2 Synthesia captured using Screen Recorder soft. 3 VST layer added to the video. Thats all 🙂
  4. Samula

    Polish Waltz [own composition]

    Thanks for your advice. That's one of my first compositions. I must say that I don't even know how to read notes and I have no music theory knowledge. Everything I made on this channel was created by ear. I need to study theory to improve my skills. Regards, Fat Paul
  5. Samula

    FL Studio mutes/cuts out my VSTs

    Just turn on Notify about rendering mode option on your VST layer 🙂