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  1. Hello everyone,, Unfortunately we got attacked by a hacker and malware apparently infected the domain for a day or so. I've ran an antivirus software to clear up some of the problems, and I've upgrade Invision Board to the latest version. Furthermore, I've updated GoToMeeting IrfanViewTown of Salem our server password. Google is currently blocking the site because of this reason, however we are pending another site review, and hopefully we will have this resolved asap. Thanks...,,
  2. Hello guys! So for most of my life i've sat down at pianos and improvised. A couple years ago I got a phone and started to record these sessions. I've never really publicly "published" these recordings, but since my parents and musical friends Watch Movies Online CyberGhost ExpressVPN say I should, here's one! This is one of my more recent sessions... I record anywhere from 1-3 a day! I only started taking piano lessons last year so my technique is super primitive Any advice for me as an improviser? Are these any good?
  3. Rakesh bhau

    Compositions Based on One-note

    Hell everyone,.. I have been listening to Giacinto Scelsi's "Quattro Pezzi (su una nota sola)" and the idea of building such a complex work with only note fascinated me. Do you know any other works Watch Movies Online CyberGhostExpressVPN with this characteristic? Like Musica Ricercata's first movement or Stockhausen's Inori?
  4. Hiiii,, I think the "Report problems with the new site HERE" thread has run its course. Although there are still a handful of unaddressed bugs. On my desktop I don't set the option to "Remember me" upon login. BUT my information remains logged onto the network and if I stay on the network I'm logged in. As soon as I access the forum, that information goes away. And this goes hand in hand with the other issue. If I DO click "Remember me", then the information does NOT remain on the network, though I can browse the forum logged in. Why is there a disconnect between what is happening on the network and forum?? It's very odd and a nuisance.