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  1. True, there are so many way you can do so. Online is the fastest to be honest, But pls, don't use tinder or badoo - they are trash! Also, these tips for bbws if you're interested in.
  2. That's really nice, you can play really good pop music 🙂 I would also add some drums to this flow. But try to use a real one, not app like GarageBand. I would recommend this model https://www.handpanguru.com/steel-tongue-drums/ a good start for you!
  3. That's very nice to be honest! I also recommend you to make your sound richer. How you can do it? Add some special music hints. I can say, that piano is the most difficult instrument (in my opinion). You can use special tricks https://musiety.com/how-to-write-a-melody-the-basic-tricks/ to make music better
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