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  1. I really like your suggestion. Everyone on this feed has been awesome. Writing the piece itself is not difficult. It is a large-scale show, and that’s not the challenge. I don’t doubt my capabilities of taking on a big project. I’ve always been a compulsive worrier. I’m very proud of my opera and I wouldn’t be writing it if I thought it would sit on a shelf and collect dust. There’s that “tape that plays in my head” that is trying to convince me to drop everything and give up. I’ll be poking around on that website.
  2. Hello Jean, I consider myself early advanced. I’ve been composing officially since 2010, and there are a few pieces from earlier written when I was a young kid. I’ve been a classical pianist with a variety of repertoire under my belt since I was seven. I’m almost twenty-five now. I have been thinking a lot about my audience’s feelings. I almost removed a scene entirely because of its upsetting nature, then I remembered that the aforementioned material is a common opera trope. I won’t say what it is as it is a major spoiler. I’ve been acquainted with the genre since I was three years old. I can’t sing opera to save my life. You bet I adore it and understand the music theory behind it nonetheless. I treat opera like my oldest friend. I’m a big risk taker and a very different market than mainstream music. Who wants neoclassical music when you can have Billie Eilish? Sometimes I wonder how common it is for any composer to reach this point of doubt like I am feeling right now. Maybe it will pass with time.
  3. I have accepted an invite to compete in a local contest. You’re welcome to vote for me in my bracket! https://www.facebook.com/groups/daytonsindiemusicmadness/?ref=share
  4. I’ve been writing an opera since 11/14/18 and it’s coming along very well. I’m a person that dreams big, and I hope it premieres one day. It would be nice if the Met liked it. Sometimes I wonder: is it truly worth it? Why put myself through this monster opus if there’s a high chance it will never be performed on the stage? Why try? Many people like the overture. With that said, is it enough? Lots of people want to be recognized in NY, and a sliver of composers, actors, you name it, actually do. Why am I like this? Why am I unrealistic with my goals? Why torture myself?
  5. After writing several small pop/easy listening style pieces, I have decided to go for it and write a larger work: an opera. I have the story down and I even named some of the characters after composers I really admire. I decided to outline the story and journal about my characters before doing anything else. Now I am going to move along and start writing the libretto. The biggest obstacle for me is writing for orchestra. I am a pianist and I can write for piano, voice and a solo instrument like one violin or one flute. But a full orchestra? I have zero experience in that. Maybe if I write a piano part and then transcribe it to various orchestra parts that will make my life easier. I also want to know the little nuances like the difference between writing for C Trumpet vs. B Flat Trumpet? Any recommendations on how to learn about this? My community college does not offer an orchestra writing class.
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