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  1. I don't really know what I intend this piece to be used for, I guess it just kind of symbolized a descent into the depths. I haven't really tried to make something that represents an encounter with evil yet, usually my pieces tend to point to a more magical optimistic perspective so it's fun to work out these new muscles. I'll try out those ideas. I just didn't want to have something nice turned into something redundant but at the same time I tend to kill my pieces before they really get a chance to express themselves. This is all new to me. Thanks for the help Quinn!
  2. Started this piece but I can't decide if I should further develop the second section or if its the right time to start a new section. Any help is much appreciated, and if this isn't the proper way to use this site let me know
  3. Thank you J. I made this in a sequencer, maybe notation software is something I should look into. I appreciate someone with knowledge of composing telling me my music makes sense. I'll see if I can figure out how to get a score out of my sequencer.
  4. Advent


    Dude this is absolutely incredible. The way you can maneuver harmonically is spectacular. U opened the floodgates for new modes of musical thought for me. Bravo
  5. Relatively new to composing, don't really know what I'm doing this is all just intuition. Let me know how I can improve, maybe some good resources for gaining better conscious knowledge of composition