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    Film music, trailer music, movies, i like classical music, i like to compose music and other things.
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    Don't think i have a favourite, but, I'd say i like Tchaikovsky,Beethoven, Mozart. and for film music i like the music of Hans zimmer. Trailer music: Audio machine.
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    I think i like combination of styles i'll say. Classical, Soft rock type of style, and others.
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    Muse score, Fruity loops( which i use to create film or trailer type of music),Sibelius(not used as much in comparison to muse score, for me, and that's when i decide, to notate with a music notation software)
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    Piano, a little clarinet.

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  1. Yea. Nice to hear your description of what it felt like listening to it. Hope I'm correct based on what i thought in terms of your statement. It would for me suite more of an emotional type of trailer. It could also suite an adventure category of a film, but with an emotional tone I'd say. sci-fi like The Martian and yea, it could fit for action, but in that tone. Thank you for replying! Thank you for your comment about it! I appreciate.
  2. I liked it! 🙂 I dont know though, just in my view, i think i was expecting more towards the end, before it would end. just my thoughts. I like the quality of the instruments! Really good!! In general i'll say the music is beautiful! Loved the running notes from the flutes! 🙂Keep up the good work!!
  3. Hi everyone. I'm new here. I would like to hear your thoughts about a music i composed as a trailer music concept. I'm open to your criticism or views as i could learn from your reaction towards the music. This is a link to the music. https://soundcloud.com/x-feel/self-realised
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