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  1. Nice piece. I like the delicate accompaniment of the piano and the polyrhythmic passages with the triplets. Well done!
  2. Thanks, I have corrected that on the score!
  3. Hi, here a classic bagatelle. I wrote the main theme some years ago and arranged it for piano in this quarantine days. I appreciate your feedback.
  4. @Quin, @DanJTitchener: thanks a lot for you comments! 🙂
  5. Thanks aMusicComposer! Do you mean like that?
  6. Thanks @Jean Szulc. You are right about the notation. I've just correct that on the attachement with the appropiate slurs. I have a doubt about that: On bar 17 and 18 D eighth notes played by the horn are slurred, not tied. It appears to be confusing here, so in a first sight they appears to be tied instead of slurred. Is there a way to avoid misunderstanding between slurred and tied notes when they have the same pitch?
  7. Nice canon! Can you please attach the score?
  8. Hi, here a short piece for wind quartet in ABA form. A has a classical-era choral style, that's why the tittle. B starts with the same lines as A, but in the relative minor (Em) and with a triplet texture on the Bassoon. By the middle of B the triplet rythm extends to all parts with some dialog between Oboe/Clarinet vs. Horn/Bassoon and some inflections to the parallel minor (Gm) after returning to A. I appreciate your comments.
  9. Wow, that is a really good piece. I think you have perfectly achieved your goal. Formwise and harmony-like sounds like a classical piano concerto, arranged for chamber group. Bright optimistic character, good interplay between parts and nice use of triplets. Well done! You could write a second and third movement to round the piece.
  10. Hi, wellcome to the forum! Beautiful adagio, I would like to have a look at the score.
  11. Hi, I like these two short pieces. Viaje al invierno (from bar 31): the texture reminds me quite a bit the opening Beethoven Waldstein's sonata. I would consider there rewriting some of the the thirds below C3. Short intervals in the low register are better to be avoid. Anyway good work. Saludos desde Barcelona!
  12. Hi Luís, very nice piece. I think the title and the mood is very appropiete for quarantine situation we are in. Thanks for posting! Saludos desde Barcelona.
  13. I love the use of mallets doubling the lines. good piece!
  14. Thanks Jean Szulc & jawoodruff! It's good to know it sounds more classical than I though, I was getting worried to sound too contemporary :) @Jean Szulc: I think the dissonance quartet is one of the more innovative works of Mozart. I was reading the editor returned the score, saying it was plenty of errors at the beginning, which means its harmony was not according to the classical standards of the period. "Why does the opening theme sound like the Toreador theme from Carmen's Bizet!?!?" @jawoodruff: Can you please send a link? I don't recognize the Toreador theme.
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