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  1. Hola Luis, gracias por tus comentarios! (Hi Luis, thanks for your comments!) That's a good question I also wondered...snap pizzicato, also known as Bartok pizzicato, was offen used by the composer, but he was born almost 200 years after Bach's death, so he is not a barroc composer at all...Can someone in the forum tell us more about snap pizzicato and its historical use? Anyway, I really liked its percussive effect, because it sounds like a timpani, but with a pitch.
  2. Hi Simen, it sounds great! I like people like me that appreciate good barroc music. Regards 🙂
  3. Hi, Here is my new Barroque Dance en EMayor. For Oboe, Strings, Horn and snap pizzicato Double Bass as a percussion effect. I appreciate your comments!
  4. Hi, Here my new composition inspired in soundtrack music. I appreciatte your comments!
  5. Find the score attached. Feel free to have a look!
  6. Hi Jordan, thanks for your comment!
  7. Hi, Here my new piano piece on youtube. I hope you enjoy and looking forwards to your comments. Guillem
  8. Here goes my new piece (inspired on Barroque Music) Instruments: Oboe Solo, Violin Solo, String Orchestra and Harpsichord if you liked, you can also hear:
  9. Hi guys, I'm new in the Forum. Yesterday i posted me first music piece on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PlOJTqDH1E I hope you enjoy and looking forwards to your comments. I'll be posting new things soon. Guillem
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