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  1. Hola Luís, muchas gracias por tu comentario, me halaga que compares mi obra con el estilo de Haendel, que es mi compositor barroco favorito. Hi Luís, thanks a lot for your comment. I'm flattered to be compared with haendel style, who is my favourite barroque composer.
  2. @bkho and @ChorSymphonica, thanks a lot for your comments!
  3. I like the psalm. I reminds me of Bach's choral. I feel Fermatas are very well placed. Good job!
  4. Thanks for your comment Luis! Muchas gracias por el comentario!
  5. Hi @isuckatcomposing, I enjoyed that a lot, I like the style and the character of the piece very much. Your contrerpoint is simple, nice and effective. I would say it's a cantus firmus (bassoons, Trombones and Violas) with a string bass (Cellos and DB) and then flourished by violins in quarter notes. It Works great. Just a couple of comments: 1- I find it strange so many dynamics at the same point. I find it more elegant to have just one or two dynamic at the same time. Exemple: bar 3 you have pp, mp, mf and f by different instruments. I think you have to work a bit more on that. One option is to orchestrate the dynamics. Exemple: bar 5 you put ff to violins while other instruments play mf. Here you could just add flutes and oboes to emphazise the violin line and keep dynamics to mf for all. 2- I would consider replacing the flute by a second oboe, sinces the highest note of flute writing is a C-flat, which can be perfectly played by oboe. 3- Most of the time bassoons are doubled by trombones and violas. I wonder if you need three instruments playing the same all the time. Is it to get a certain color by blending the three instruments? You could just start with string section at the first bars and add bassoons, trombones and Woodwind when you need more power. Adding a bass trombone doubling double basses would also help when you are playing a tutti. Anyway, well done...and keep on posting, I would like to hear more like that one ;)
  6. Hi, here my new composition. Structure is quite simple and classic, i think, consisting of 3 phrases played alternatively by low brass and strings in the upper octave and then a tutti section with the same 3 phrases played by low brass + strings + trumpets + timpani + double basses + flute (AABBCC-A'B'C'C'A'B'). As always, I appreciate your comments Regards! Guillem
  7. Thanks a lot @isuckatcomposing! Comments like yours make me keep on working :) Of course it would be a dream to get it played by a real orchestra...
  8. Hi, I just uploaded a new version of the piece on YouTube. Luis Hernández@: I must retract myself. I tried it without the flute and the result is more than satisfiying...just muted strings and piano sounds great. So thanks again!!! I have also changed some volumes (it was recorded too low), changed some dynamics and articulations and I did slight changes on the second violins bars 42-65, for better voice leading. I hope you enjoy
  9. Wow, nice harmonies in there, notable work! What VST are your using?
  10. Nice piece! sounds very classical and the score is very simple, but simplicity is sometimes the best solution. Congratulations!
  11. It sounds nice, I like the folk music flavour...When you say 4 voices, your actually mean 4 instruments, because the piano can play 4 voices by its own ;) I can hear piano, violin, cello and probably a glockenspiel, but I agree with Luderart, a score would help to understand your music better. Anyway, if you have no music theory really did a good job, well done!
  12. It's a very beautiful composition. I like the dialog between I and II violins of the first bars, and then I love the violas playing the main theme on the low register from bar 21. Well done!
  13. It seems notationally I missed a few things...I will have a check at it. About dynamics, I relay probably too much in who finale 2014 play them, but I don't really know who would it sound played by a real orchestra... thanks for your feedback bryla!
  14. Thanks for your comment Luis! You are right, the flute just dobles the first violins in some parts, which gives the full mellow sound I was looking for.
  15. Here is my new piece for piano, muted strings and flute with an Emotinal Soundtrack flavour. I appreciate your feedback!
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