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  1. Yes, I agree with you about the fact that we can practice doing this!
  2. Oh! my dear I am talking about copying in writing different papers: such as short stories, poem and educational types of papers: dissertations, theses, essays, and so on. I was not talking about music(((Forgive me! We don't understand each other This is not about music I am talking about papers, copying papers - this means writing the paper and not thinking about the meaning of the paper that the author of the paper has put into it. Copying can occur while listening to music or watching a movie. The person who copy the paper can not think about what he or she writes! Maybe, it is not difficult for you . But it is difficult for me , because I am not a very creative person who can do it on my own - that is, to write a piece of music. Writing a piece of music with the help of many examples of changing shape, melody and accents - it makes me difficult too. Therefore, I believe that I am not a creative person and it is wrong to judge me that I am not a creative person!
  3. There is a big difference, when you copy - you do not look at what you copy, you do not read what you copy, of course you do not understand what you copy. While, when you rewrite, you have to look, read, understand, learn. Sometimes you have to read it a few times before rewriting. Thus, you become smarter when you read more, write more, and not just copy and think. That is, do not strain your brains at all! Maybe there is, I just did not know about it. Or maybe we are talking about different things. Can you please offer me materials that I could study in order to make my nocturne or other musical reproduction?
  4. As for me, copying is not the best option! Why do I think copying is not the best option? Because we do not learn when we copy. And when we rewrite, we learn. The fact of the matter is that there are no such examples that would help to write music for a musician. I speak about examples, not about any concrete ones. Understood? Such examples do not exist, so I can not answer on your question! But the examples that are associated with poetic and prose papers exist, so I can answer on you question of what examples in the field of scripture I speak! I am talking about examples of papers in which there is a pronounced structure. It is easy for a writer to substitute his or her text and his or her idea into a template in which there is a brightly pronounced structure!
  5. My dear, I mean the world of scripture! Papers are poems , poetics, different texts, that have no rhyme, and so on - is easier than writing various musical texts(such as nocturnes), because many examples and tutorials exist for writers. But for musicians who write nocturnes and other musical arts, there are not so many examples and tutorials.
  6. Hello my dear friend! I'm sorry you couldn't find any manuals or tutorials for writing a nocturne. The fact that you know about the "Music of the Night" is good news for me. I believe that the "Music of the Night" is a good guide. But I understand that the world of music is not as developed as the world of papers. Why the world of music is not as developed as the world of papers? Because there are many manuals for writers, and there are few manuals for music writers. There are even online services like the essay examples service https://samples.edusson.com/breast-cancer in which there are many examples of essays (there are even examples of essays about breath cancer on this site) and other papers for writers. It is pity that there are no online manuals for music writers. It would be good if there is a site on which there are many nocturnes. You would go to this site, see examples of nocturnes and learn how to write your own nocturnes. I am so sorry.........
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