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    Wow, I never know what to say here. I'm not old but not young. I play Bass. I have played all the woodwinds except flute & piccolo. Started on the french horn when my musical dreams died (hand injury). It wasnt until my son was around 2 that I starting thinking about music again. Relearned to play the bass and started playing in local bands and gigging. Turns out my son has my gift and takes to instruments like a fish to water. With his choice to play Cello I finally had someone to talk music with. This as naturally made me want to start composing again. Turns out I still love the Baroque period and he loves the Romantic era. Go figure, but I am very proud of him. Freshman in High School and in Varsity Orchestra! Our house is full of love and music. I couldn't be happier.
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    Data NOC Manager
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    Music, programming & knitting.
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    Bach! Who else?
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    Baroque Contrapuntal Forms
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    Muse Score and Lilypond
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    Only the electric bass now.

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  1. I came to this site from tantalizing little bits of information about J. Lee Graham and the first post I find knocks my socks off. Sir, this demands to be played live and with a audience in attendance. Well done sir. Weill done!
  2. At first I found it very jarring, but around measure 25 I stopped reading the score and started thinking what surprise is coming next? Then it became a journey I could follow. All in all I liked it.
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