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  1. can it be done by several bows tho lol
  2. Hi guys, I am writing a experimental piece for string orchestra. Mostly with sustained notes filled with different harmony, aiming to create a human soul-touching atmosphere. If anyone wants to add in anything or any idea, please reply me if you want a collab :))
  3. I finally finished my new composition by the end of my summer holiday. The music is based on a few Japanese forest paintings I found online, I used some unusual harmonies and melodies which may remind you of some Japanese style music (plus some chromatic harmonies). Please have a listen
  4. sorry if i sound rude. But what i mean is a unison miserere to me sounds more like a group saying give us mercy Lord is more convincing. (and it also sounds good)
  5. thanks for the great advice. But to me, the miserere was intented to be that choppy, not imitation.
  6. Oh God thanks for the many kind words !!! I promise I will continue to improve and make better music to the world
  7. Dear Tonskald, Thank you so much for you great great great advice !!! And your kind words really motivated me to compose more music ! I must confess I'm not a professional composer myself so I might be lacking a bit of composition techniques. However, it is a hobby and I won't let anyone stopping me compose more and more music ! Thanks for you advice again 🙂 Best wishes, Sam
  8. I think Sibelius is quite good tbh, at least for me
  9. I believe this is one of my most emotional composition, with a bit of asian taste in it. I was inspired by a few sea paintings I saw in the net. Hope you guys enjoy it ! (and suggestions as usual plss 🙂
  10. First time composing something like this ! I was both excited and nervous when I first tried composing for a classical orchestra (not a big one soz guys). This was actually a father's day gift for my father. Hope you guys enjoy it and can give me some suggestions !! 🙂
  11. Just finished a piece for string ensemble (violins, viola, cello) for fun haha, using a mixture of common harmonic progression and unusual chromatic harmonies. Please feel free to give suggestions (including the name of the piece !)
  12. Hi Rafael, Great ideas and I particularly enjoyed your interesting harmonies. Just a few suggestions and wonders. 1. In bars 11-12 is the parallel fifths in the sops and bass intentional ? If not maybe do some inversions to improve it (or other chords are cool too !) 2. There are a few big jumps (really hard to sing as I sang in a choir and I know !) bar 11 bass, bar 40 sops. 3.In bar 21 -22, the latin word "Dei" has the wrong stress, maybe try putting the Dei in bar 22 first crochet and change a bit of the rhythm. 4. Maybe try stretching the range of Tenors more ? The range you're having now is alright but I think tenors enjoys a bit of high Fs and Gs sometimes. Good job man and keep on the hard work !
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