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  1. Very nice. I very much like how the music returns to the main theme played by the oboe. What software do you use? I’d say the oboe has great clarity, however the string sounds sound feigned. Towards the end I hear accomplishment to dances more common towards the end of the 18thh century, but you wove it in in such a manner to retain that authenticity. thanks
  2. Thanks a lot. I was on my phone when I posted this threat so I was not able to provide the PDF then. I have now attached. The Allegro bars 8-10 needs work come to think of it. Glad you liked the andante. Not everyone likes the slower movements - a lot of people prefer up beat stuff.
  3. Hi all i am working on a violin duet and have uploaded the first and second movements to soundcloud. I am working on a minuet and will finish off with a rondo. The andante needs work still I think though the overall shape is ok. Construxtive feedback sought after so thank you for your time https://soundcloud.com/markus-alexander-boyd/duet-for-two-violins-allegro
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