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  1. My piece. Handel's piece is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMxTlk6XK1w Similar beginning, different piece progression.
  2. The main theme is inspired by Handel's famous passacaglia in G minor from Suite no 7. Chords Pattern- i-iv-V-i-VI-ii-V7-i in D minor scale. Degrees stay the same, expression and structure change until 2:28 when the main theme returns. Handel with care
  3. The word ''Gay'' in the 2nd mov it is of course not meant to offend anyone.
  4. Hello. I'd like to share my 3 movement sonata with you, an opus i honestly feel deep in every note of every movement. -1st movement: Greatly inspired by Chopin's prelude in C minor and by his generally captivating ostinatos. It is meant to make you feel sorrowfull, grieve and that nobody loves you. -2nd movement: In general meant to make you feel happy. The coda at 3.00 is meant to convey the feelings of reminiscence, similar to Beethoven's 2nd Pathetique movement. -3rd movement: The idea is to contraddict the previous movements to a fast paced, colourfull, mood changing back and forth feeling. Ment to make you feel anxious, crazy, happy, melancholic and mostly in tension. Comment always highly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  5. Wow that was actually a very good nocturne. Nice ornamentation, ostinato parts and tempo alterations where they should be. It conveys the nocturnal feeling preety accurately, nice one.
  6. Can't say much more than what has already been said. VERY captivating beggining, i wish you'd used more the theme throughout the piece not in expense of the development you already use because i genuinely enjoyed it, but in addition at the end of some parts. Extremely fitting and intense ending, Beethoven would be proud..!
  7. Very interesting idea on the main theme. It feels like the ost of some kind of anime. I also like how you go from harmonic chords to melodic arpeggios and then enrich the piece with more notes of the chord played. I would, too, prefer a more complex harmony while the piece develops and i also feel you could use a little the harmonic scale of the aeolian mode you're on, in combination with the natural minor and the melodic minor you have there. I loved the use of the VI after the melodic minor scale melody at 2.56 on the first vid..!
  8. Very nice composition to help the technique and the fluency of both but mostly of the left hand i believe. I really like the consistency of the feeling your whole piece conveys through the similar arpeggios. I would just like to hear a longer version with a second theme that is of a different vibe (for example: darker, slower, harmonic chords, ppp or fff etc) or a development section that explores different keys and/or harmonic progressions, to return after the second theme to the first one with a bit more tension. Nice work..!
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