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  1. 9 (online-audio-converter.com).mp3
  2. Composition completed on: Fantasie-Impromptu №1 in G minor ICO №75 - 04/30/2016 Fantasie-Impromptu №2 in C sharp minor ICO №80 - 05/17/2016 You also can watch these pieces here -
  3. Thank you for this comment and your question. When I wrote this music in this measure I heard it was a layering of voices, and not just one voice. Therefore, I thought and decided to write it out in a somewhat complicated way, but just like that how I heard it.
  4. Yes, you correctly noticed. My last work is number 385. So I have about 400 works. At the moment I don't have my own album from which I would receive income. Perhaps in the future it will appear. Although I'm going to just gradually upload all my compositions for everyone. And also nowadays I'm continue creating new compositions, I just don’t record them because now I don’t have free time for this.
  5. Thank you very much for appreciating my compositions! I'm very grateful!
  6. Composition completed on: Etude №4 in A minor ICO №119 - 02/09/2017 Etude №5 "Shadows" in B flat minor ICO №120 - 02/14/2017 You also can watch these pieces here -
  7. Hello! Firstly I'm really grateful for your such an detailed comment and your some critical remarks, too! It gives me an a great opportunity to say more about this piece based on your remarks. This high speed beginning I can explain this by the fact that it is precisely this that is the reason for the funebre march. funebre marches are often associated with consequence of war (in this case, it is exactly so)...And this piece ends in the same way that in spite of any losses and disasters people continue to fight with each other. This is the core of this prelude. Despair and misunderstanding, the inability of people to negotiate with each other. Willingness to make any sacrifices if only to remain right. Rightness is the biggest and most harmful drug that everyone actually possesses, but for some reason everyone wants his truth to be better than the other. As for the melody of the march, or rather its lack, I want to say that the march is for me here as a recitative, as an appeal / revelation to the listener. It is divided into phrases, they have their own dramaturgy. And when the words end and the world can no longer withstand the pressure and onslaught - again all overwhelmed by the same war, selfishness, the road to nowhere. About 44 and 45: I just needed to free up space for the impending contrast, but at the same time not only stay the tension, but also strengthen it. Therefore, I removed the harmony and left the gap between the recitative and the impending end. And thanks again for your support and this comment!
  8. Thank you very much for your such sincere and supporting comments! It's important for me and I really appreciate it! I also wish you great success in your compositions, Gareev Artem
  9. Composition completed on 08/14/2015 You also can watch this piece here -
  10. Composition completed on 10/13/2019 You also can watch this piece here -
  11. If it's so for you, just ignore it. For me, the difference was. Therefore, when working on this piece, I made these changes. Yes, it could be situational, I don’t know for sure. For me, above all, “what is it about,” not “how is it done." Anyway, thank you for your comment and attention!
  12. Composition completed on: Etude-Tableau №8 in F sharp minor ICO №94 - 09/09/2016 Etude-Tableau №9 in F major ICO №95 - 09/11/2016 You also can watch this piece here -
  13. Composition completed on 07/30/2016 You also can watch this piece here -
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