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  1. Thanks for the feedback. In some ways, I believe I have a pretty good idea in my mind of what I want the song to be like. I kind of envision it ultimately being some kind of orchestral arrangement similar to what a high school pep band would play. I also have this vague notion of lyrics that could go along with at least parts of the song, only I’ve never been committed to trying to Iron anything out. I think if lyrics were added it would be more of a pop song in that case. That is also why it has the current structure it does of basically following the verse, verse, bridge, verse, bridge ,verse pattern. I expect that if I can get around to doing some kind of orchestral arrangement, I can add more variety into it. For right now I just wanted to create something I could actually play on a piano as a baseline or starting point. And while I’m an okay piano player, I didn’t want to make things too complicated, so as not to get frustrated at not being able to play my own song very well or at all. One of the biggest hurdles I see at the moment, is I’ve never done any kind of orchestral arrangement before. I’m unsure how to decide what instrument should play what and how I can manipulate settings in the program I’m composing with (GarageBand in this case) so things sound like I want them to sound. I have found things daunting up to this point, and haven’t moved forward on it yet, hoping I could find some Internet videos that would help with this, only so far I have found very little I’ve felt was helpful.
  2. Not sure of the best forum to post to, so I figured I give this one a try. I’m an amateur and this is my first attempt at making any kind of composition. I envision this maybe becoming an instrumental piece eventually, only right now I’m trying to start out with a piano arrangement. I’m making the song using Apple’s GarageBand. I would appreciate any constructive feedback people are willing to give.
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