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  1. It depends on what you're trying to achieve. Velocity can be used in other ways too. It is almost like a volume control and can be used as such. In FL its easy to edit the velocities in the piano roll leading to various possibilities. Average listeners wont be able to tell if you changed the velocities. I started using looper pedal recently. I read reviews https://musirank.com/best-looper-pedal/ and decided to use it for across-the-board looping applications. So convy.
  2. As for me it sounds really cool. Thanks for the inspiration. I just started learning to play the guitar but I want to become a pro one day. I wanna buy low watt tube amps I read about them here https://musirank.com/best-low-watt-tube-amps/ and record my first song in a few months.
  3. Actually it sounds really cool. Thanks for the inspiration! I want to record my own music and I just read about best pop filters on https://whatever-tech.com/best-pop-filter-for-blue-yeti/ . Want to order one for my blue yeti.
  4. wow great job! Thanks for the inspiration I also want to start making my own music. That's my old dream. I found info about best dynamic microphone for podcasting here https://bluebuzzmusic.com/best-dynamic-microphone-vocals/ wanna buy one for my home studio
  5. Was useful to read, tnx. I'm just an amateur but want to become a pro musician one day
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