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  1. Hello everyone,, Egyptian musician Mohammad Abdel Wahab wrote a song called Ya Alby Ya Khali, which was first performed by Abdel Halim Hafez in 1957. The intro sounds very similar toRay Charles version of Hit the Road Jack, released mobdro lucky patcher kodi in 1961. Does anyone more about this, if Ray had a history of borrowing melodies from other musicians, if he was a lover of Egyptian music, or if they're both taking the melody from another song?
  2. Hello everyone,, So a while ago I wrote the score for our school production of Julius Caesar. Fortunately I was able to rehearse and record with the school's orchestra! I was wondering what you guys think of it? Pros, cons, things I need to work on or what I do well; i'd like to know! mobdro lucky patcher kodi
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