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  1. The second is a mistake of scoring 😂😂 thanks for explaining It better than i could
  2. Thanks! That accidental had a expecific name, I don't remember now (this mind-games), and Indeed he uses more this. The part that I think actually fits more Mozart-style is the closure of the second theme, but alberti-bass, accidentals, and others are actually very recognisable in Mozart. Thanks a lot for the comment
  3. Awesome music!! Eventhought Jazz is not my favorite, you made me love this!
  4. I bring you the Sonatina I'm preparing to make an ode to Mozart. He died 5th-6th of december. At the moment I only have the first movement, and is not very worked since I only worked on it an afternoon, but here it is:
  5. Great job!! but tbh I don't like the étude, since I actually hate a lot the main section's progression (personal tastes), I do really hate it, sorry. For the other sections I like them. Keep doing your best!
  6. Thanks a lot!! You actually got me! These were the main reasons, but I would add that each Rondo is focused on stacatto practice too and the first one is focused on phrasing too.
  7. Here I bring you 3 rondos I composed of a intermediate/early advanced level. What are your thoughts?
  8. Very very good job!! You could call it étude in C major. This was bad for me, because I'm currently doing a set of 24 études (intermediate, maybe early advanced, 4-6 in 8 grade level) and one of the études I was preparing was very similar to this. I was going to take a walking bass and semiquavers "answering" up, but I guess even if the factors are neighbours, the product doesn't have to be equal, (Key was E minor). If i had to criticise one thing is that the end of C chord with E as as the root note instead of C, doesn't convince to and end, but if you wanted to produce a end that represents that there's something else coming, then it's good. Great job again!
  9. I wasn't pointing the 3/4 rythm, but more like the static bass, even with static bass you can play with the right hand to create other sensetion of ryhmts, such a mazurka, etc
  10. Instead of trying to work on harmonic patterns, why don't you really work on a motive with other directions, such more melodic (more than it's included in the harmonic direction)? You can also try to include "surprises" or innovate in different ways. Other than that, you just need to go out, listen the people you like/admire, being played or improvising, etc... Sometimes even changing music and listen simple music can bring you new ideas.
  11. Really good job! It's impressive for being your first piece!! ( for my own mental health I will imagine that either you worked a lot of time and made a lot of corrections or either that you already composed "unpublished" pieces to get experience hahaha) I'll follow you on musescore and like it!
  12. Good try!! I think the minuet is pretty fair, but for the trio I think it's out of place. The only characteristic that it fits the trio is being the contrasting section of a ternary form. A trio usually has 3 voices, so you would apply counterpoint and never use a forth one, also the style doesn't fit the previous part style nor any known trio style I've heard. In fact the minuet is a good example of how a trio should be.
  13. Great piece!! I think it fits more the name of sinfonia rather than invention, but it doesn't really matter, if up to you
  14. I would love to give you feedback, but actually I don't think what it's the matter of the issues can be simply explained here. What would describe what your music transmit me (not this piece, but in general, all the pieces I've listened all long from you) is: "this was written by a robot/script/IA". I don't know if it's that my point of view is wrong, or that you lack of musical sense or another thing, but when I listen your music, it bring me nothing. You seem as knowing music theory, but not being able to apply it correctly, and lack of basis of them (such counterpoint and harmonic sense, which is not the same as knowing about harmony). I know you're trying and that makes me feel bad saying this, but I think you need to work on your inspiration, musicality, imagination and feelings instead on structuring your music so well and forget on what music is about. Don't take this as a undeniable truth, I might be as wrong as I could be, but this is my subjetive perspective, and sincere, even if it can sound like being rude (and I don't intend to, I want you to become as great as possible). There's many ways of solving this, but I think that you need to listen more the greatest (beethoven, mozart, bach, clementi, etc..) and try to risk a bit more. I feel like if you were constantly playing safe and evading a risk or being vague. Keep doing it, I know you can eventually do something great!
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