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  1. Here I bring you some work i did today, wish you like it or it inspires you!
  2. Here I bring you a video of me playing. In this video I improvise over a theme, more or less making variations (not really neighbours most of them), and sometimes just going on my own too. It was a bit cold, I hadn't played for a few days, and I was improvising, so don't be rude over my playing, I want to share with you what I think they're a ingenious impromptu full of color and life (not too humble if I say myself, but well ahahha). Here it's: What do you think on the different variations, themes, harmonies and transitions I use? Let me know: (I say it again, please, I know I play really bad, and sometimes I really do it messy, but dont harass me on that xD).
  3. This job is breathtaking!!! From the start I knew already "this is gonna be amazing" Deserves to be performed for sure! I see some Mozart influences here, keep doing this awesome!!!
  4. Thanks! They're in c#, c minor and c major, not c major all. Read again. The # can't be written, so it deleted and seems as C
  5. Those notes are supposed to be played at the same time by 2 fingers, as 2 independent voices. One example of this happening by greatest composer is Bach's Inventio no.1 where he does overlap 1 note for each hand, near the final part of the piece.
  6. Very nice job!! It's beautiful, it's me or Do i feel some asiatic music influences? I like the middle part more, it's more classical/romantic alike, the start seems more modern.
  7. I agree with Quinn, but other possible solution could be a really constrating section there that eventually evolves to the main material, or either holds the constrast. As it's a prologue, I belive the fact that the feeling of something more coming: "this is just the start" is precisely the most indicated one.
  8. Great job!! I don't know why, but this concerto reminds me of Pokemon's soundtracks xD
  9. Great piece!! I love it a lot, it's very Schumman/Schubert alike or at least I think so
  10. The second is a mistake of scoring 😂😂 thanks for explaining It better than i could
  11. Thanks! That accidental had a expecific name, I don't remember now (this mind-games), and Indeed he uses more this. The part that I think actually fits more Mozart-style is the closure of the second theme, but alberti-bass, accidentals, and others are actually very recognisable in Mozart. Thanks a lot for the comment
  12. Awesome music!! Eventhought Jazz is not my favorite, you made me love this!
  13. I bring you the Sonatina I'm preparing to make an ode to Mozart. He died 5th-6th of december. At the moment I only have the first movement, and is not very worked since I only worked on it an afternoon, but here it is:
  14. Great job!! but tbh I don't like the étude, since I actually hate a lot the main section's progression (personal tastes), I do really hate it, sorry. For the other sections I like them. Keep doing your best!
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