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  1. That's quite unsecure, since you don't know if people can abandon, or not have time or just pass... but well I would be pleased to make double if have time. I will work on the prelude tomorrow (now i sleep), i already have the melody and chord progression, so for tomorrow prelude can be ended (if not too complex, maybe if i make it more complex or extensive takes me a few days to make quality). I will surely upload prelude and then Fugue i will take my time.
  2. I will do it Bach style, use the theme both in the prelude and fugue. There's a date as a goal? I don't know if I will have time (funny, maybe tomorrow I already have it ) so I want to plan the composition since I will be studying more properly strict counterpoint.
  3. Ok forget the key, I will take G minor that is free, the thing is, won't we have a theme which we will use to develop? It can't be just a simple theme of 3-5 notes or an idea.
  4. I'm in, I will be doing it, I will try 12 variations, 1 for each pair of minor and major keys (will modulate always I-III(minor relative)).
  5. I would use the second one, using the III on C minor and directly make it stepwise C major, the rest to F major is done.
  6. Some other thing Haydn used is repetition of the same notes and jumps, i suggest you to add them. With the block ifself i dont think i can help, you need to go for a walk, see paintings or pictures of what you want to reflect and develope/variate your theme.
  7. Oh it's here, I will take G minor, since D and C minor are taken.
  8. I just read everything, is D minor free? I will take it or G minor instead if possible. And i think we should go for the fugue, even if it's a scrafty one, it's ok. I think the intention of studying and trying is the best.
  9. I'm in. Maybe the fugue might be a trouble (I know some counterpoint, but not good at it), since i know his structure and how works I can at least make a fugue, the problem will be many mistakes as it will be my first, and that, but I will pleased a lot. - We will define a theme? - How will the asigment of key work? If possible I would like D minor (that's the key :P) - Which style we will use? Baroque? Any classical one (romanticism, classical, baroque, etc)? Or free to use? - There's a restriction, minimum for voices? (theres exist 1 voiced fugues, or 2, shouldn't it at least be 3?) If given the theme I think i can make some good stuff for the prelude, at least.
  10. You can post it, i will try to help
  11. Thanks for your feedback. The F minor section (which is far from the relative and neighbour keys) is the "joke" section, as you said, I wanted to make it more "classy (more Haydn than Mozart)" and then go with something more "distintive" and original, giving it a bit of my own style.
  12. I like them a lot, but I think there's lack of originality (don't misunderstand me). I explain: I only can hear Chopin. There's nothing out of Chopinesque style. I know you may love him and want to imitate him, but as Stravinsky said "geniuses don't try to imitate, they steal". What this want to says is that either you bring something that let us feel your own style or something special, either you need to make that style as yours as possible (againgiving it a special touch). About the composition, I couldn't see anything to improve, either the composition forms, but about the style and emotions, there I think you miss something of yourself.
  13. Really good pieces, I don't have right now any advice of tip for these pieces, you did great!!
  14. This is deep, and has a lot of sense in its back. I love you using actual discussion (global warming) to tell this story, it's short, but has a good material. If i would make something better is making it longer (variating it, or even using the theme to make other kind of form/piece), but this is your piece, is up to you. Really good!
  15. Fairly good enough!! The problem that I see is that, the Fantasias are improvisative mostly pieces, or about this kind, yet, your fantasie use a lot recurrence and doesn't variate a lot. I would change that.
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