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  1. Yeah thanks, The 1 I prefer it as it's. The 4th is actually playable at that speed. The problem is that I forgot to notate it as adagio there. Yeah it's Larghetto, my bad forgot the h
  2. So here I bring you a Set that I made, of 10 short pieces. Some are really easy, others intermediate, and maybe one or two depending if you keep the real tempo or not, advanced. I tried to make a variate mix, mostly sound more classical romantic than other, but some sound quite modern. WIsh you like it
  3. Wow, is (sorry for my words) fking beautiful... Incredible piece
  4. Incredible piece, is really beautiful, but I think it really lacks of originality, I can only see Mozart, not your own voice, maybe sometimes something of you cames, other resemble to Beethoven. It's great, but I think you should put more of yourself, otherway, it's a nice work
  5. Thanks for the feedback!! The nocturne afterall is a freeier form that expresses the night, there's no form or structure defined. I mostly I make it by improvising, some of the easier accompaiment for improvising are waltz like, that's how it came with. For the second, as I explained, it's where I used more modern harmony and a more free non traditionalist piece, so yeah you got it. The third I agree, with that, maybe I would do such and change it.
  6. Here's my set of 3 nocturnes. They're very short, and not really complex, give them a try, I don't think it will steal much of your time :D. The first one is more a Chopinesque/experimental (with some of my spanish roots) nocturne, while the second I try to use more modern harmony and not a strict form. For the third I tried to come up with the father of nocturnes, John Field's, did my best to keep in my lane. Wish you enjoyed, tell me what do you think, and any kind of feedback wellcome (even if it's more harsh than pararell octaves and diminished seconds and a tritone together xD)
  7. I can tell the mistakes 😂!! This piece is a brilliant one, that moment of 1:54 really makes me feel incredibly stressed (in the good sense, at least I bet you wanted that sensation there), I can hear the fear and the agitation on that part. I love it!
  8. What a beautiful composition, and classy as I do like.
  9. What a great job!! Keep it
  10. What a Good job! Incredible piece. The pararel fifths could be easily avoid by an early skip in measure 59, as Bach always did. Anyway they should not be considered that far, as they ocur on a really weak spot, and even Bach himself had them sometimes.
  11. That's quite unsecure, since you don't know if people can abandon, or not have time or just pass... but well I would be pleased to make double if have time. I will work on the prelude tomorrow (now i sleep), i already have the melody and chord progression, so for tomorrow prelude can be ended (if not too complex, maybe if i make it more complex or extensive takes me a few days to make quality). I will surely upload prelude and then Fugue i will take my time.
  12. I will do it Bach style, use the theme both in the prelude and fugue. There's a date as a goal? I don't know if I will have time (funny, maybe tomorrow I already have it ) so I want to plan the composition since I will be studying more properly strict counterpoint.
  13. Ok forget the key, I will take G minor that is free, the thing is, won't we have a theme which we will use to develop? It can't be just a simple theme of 3-5 notes or an idea.
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