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  1. Hello, Almost a year ago, I tried to compose the first movement of a classical symphony and I managed to complete it. I never managed to finish other movements on the one hand because I did not master classical influences enough but also because it represented a lot of work for a simple autodidact like me. I would like to know your advice and your opinions about this first movement. Here is the video, sorry for the poor sound quality
  2. I just thought back to your comment and now understand what you mean. The new materials that "appear" are actually quotes from the first movement of this concerto. For example, certain parts of the coda and of the development are a resumption of the first theme of the first movement.
  3. Thanks for that comment, it always useful to get advices to know what could be improved ! Thank you ! 🙂 Also, I want to apologize for the really bad soundfont, I don't have a software that can make the instruments more realistic but I hope you still enjoy the whole.
  4. @Theodore Servin @Jean Szulc Thank you all for you kind comments, It is really a pleasure ! I'd like this piece to be played, unfortunately there is little chance that it will ever happen..
  5. Thank you for your kind review ! 🙂 I know that some of my pieces are truly inspired from other composers but it is something that I accept. I just try to master different styles in aim to develop my own.
  6. Far be it from me to insinuate that you are inspired by Mendelssohn, your piece just reminds me his "atmosphere", which is a genuine compliment... I assure you that this piece isn't mediocre, and i know how the lack of reviews can be demoralizing! I loved particularly the transition to the major section at bar 44. Overall, the harmony is truly mastered, I don't see any place where there is a fludity issue. If I would have to do one criticism, it would be about the end of the piece. I find the descent too simple to conclude... Hope I'll hear plenty of pieces of yours in the future.
  7. I also liked a lot, the number of comment doesn't reflect the quality of this piece ! It reminds me a little bit Mendelssohn's style (maybe I'm wrong ?)...
  8. This summer, I composed a little set of three waltzes and this one was the first one I composed. That was my first atempt to write such a piece in a non-defined romantic style. What do you think of it ?
  9. I'm glad you saw in this works thoses geniuses ! It took me 3 entiere weeks to complete this movement. That's the last one of my piano concerto, there are 2 others 🙂
  10. That's a compliment for me 🙂 My own style is developping day after day 🙂 I'll be able to share soon an other composition where I try to not imitate any other composer
  11. Hello everyone, there is the 3rd movement of my piano concerto in A minor. I posted few months ago the first movement and I'm glad to present you the last one. I worked a lot on the orchestration for this movement and I'm also happy to see my improvements in harmony since the previous movements. What are your thoughts ?
  12. I don't see any problem in what you said, I know that my works are inspired from differents composers and I don't want to hide it. For the moment, I compose this way, sooner or later, my style will be clearly defined. Thanks for you kind words !
  13. Hello everyone, earlier in the year I composed a little nocturne. Indeed, you can recognize Chopin's style and that is obvisouly what I want. I want myself to master different styles before developing my own. So what are your thoughs about it ?
  14. Thank you for you kind comment ! Thanks 🙂 You will be able to listen very soon a new piece of mine, i'm currently composing the 3rd movement of a piano concert 🙂
  15. Here is a little impromptu I wrote a few weeks ago. What do you think ?
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