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  1. @Luis Hernández, @Theodore Servin : Thanks you both for your comments ! If you want, Theodore, I could give you a PDF version of the score, I would love to hear how you'd interpret this piece 🙂
  2. Hello fellow composers, I hope you're well during these hard times. I composed yesterday the "2nd impromptu" of my set of small piano compositions. I explore in it new textures and new harmonies. I planned to record it soon! Meanwhile, here the video of the computer recording with the score. Hope you'll enjoy 🙂
  3. @danishali903 Thank you very much for these precious advice of orchestration ! I keep all of that in mind for my next compositions, thanks for taking the time to help me 😊
  4. Thanks for these helpful advice then !
  5. @Mister Red No problem ! 😊 I thought that run was doable, thanks for pointing this out, I’ll change it as soon as possible. Did you notice big notation mistakes ? I wish this work were intended for real musicians but as a young composer, I don’t have an orchestra that can actually perform this piece for me... Maybe one day though, it will be played Besides these errors, I hope you liked this work. Touching people with my music is my main goal!
  6. @Theodore Servin, thank you for your words, that's the kind of comment that encourages composers to keep on composing ! @Sojar Voglar You're absolutely right, on other websites, composers told me that this was a Strauss-like waltz, but my main inspiration for this composition was indeed Tchaikovsky. @Mister Red, as far as the title of the topic is concerned, this is something that doesn't represent the real title of the work. This waltz is entitled, as @Tónskáld said, "Grande Valse de Printemps". When it comes to the harp, what parts are unplayable and why does this work need an overhaul ?
  7. @Mister Red, “Valse” is the french equivalent of “waltz” ! 😉
  8. @Tónskáld , thank you very much for your review, I’m glad you liked this little nocturne 🙂 As far as the the enharmonics are concerned, your right on that point. I misspelled some note but I figured it out after publishing the video ! Some E’s should be Fb’s and some A natural Bbb’s...
  9. @panta rei, @TCGCoolio Thanks to both of you, your comments are encouraging me to keep composing. I planned to record this Nocturne once I’ll learn it ! If you have some negative reviews or If you see something that can be improved, please tell me ! 🙂
  10. Hello fellow musicians. Yesterday I composed a little nocturne (actually the 2nd one of my set of "Small piano compositions"), for a good friend of mine. I did my best to respect the idiom of this type of composition. I hope you'll enjoy, I would be glad to know your thoughts about it ! 🙂
  11. Thanks for your kind comment, I use Noteperformer on Final, but Musescore to write the score ! 🙂 Indeed, Noteperformer is awesome for big orchestrations like that... You’re right on the fact that I could have put counter-melody, that’s something I’ll do in the future for my next compositions! I also know that the player can be bored of that « oum - pa - pa », but it allows me to keep a certain base that makes the whole coherent. I’m glad you liked the ending so much 😉
  12. @Luis Hernández I'm glad you liked it ! @Tónskáld I tried to do the ending as magnificent as I can, thank you for having let me know !
  13. Hello, I'm a pianist and I compose for almost 2 year now. Recently, I wanted to compose something for orchestra in order to improve my orchestration skills. I choose to compose a waltz because it's a light genre and i wrote a set of waltzes this summer for piano so I know the form quite well. Here is the audio : Do you like it ? Camille_FRT__Grande_valse_de_printemps_.pdf
  14. Always a pleasure to see that the spirit of the ancient great composers still live among us! 😉 More serioulsy, you've really mastered catching the feeling of that precise period. Thanks for sharing it, hearing classical pieces is something we should do more often.
  15. Hello, Almost a year ago, I tried to compose the first movement of a classical symphony and I managed to complete it. I never managed to finish other movements on the one hand because I did not master classical influences enough but also because it represented a lot of work for a simple autodidact like me. I would like to know your advice and your opinions about this first movement. Here is the video, sorry for the poor sound quality
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