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  1. I think the strings are my favorite part of the song, extremely cohesive to the overall theme, Keep up the good work!
  2. Let me know what you guys think of this as an outro idea?
  3. Not sure if anyone's interested, but here's a link to the completed version of this song. It releases on Dec 2. 2019 https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/silverwolf/fall-on-your-feet
  4. @Jean Szulc Thank you, on this chorus I added some percussion, removed the lead strings, and gave the harmony to French horns. On the second half of it, it has a nice phaser effect and is somewhat clearer for the piano part anyways. I'm currently working on the rest of the songs percussion/fixing velocities to make it realistic, then all that's left is the mixing.
  5. @Quinn I'm definitely considering it as an intro to a different song instead. The current problem I having is just trying to smooth out the transition, if it all fails I could picture starting a song with it for sure!
  6. @aMusicComposer Thank you, I wrote a chorus and verse with piano and low strings and French horn section before it, but struggling with the transition. It's using the same scale so I don't want to use modulation, but trying to arrange a good chord with either strings or brass regular or inversion.
  7. This is a verse sketch I created to check and get feedback as far as if its coherent or too rough.
  8. @Esper It sounds very uplifting what scale/scales did you use?
  9. I'm new to synth creation, but here's my first project
  10. New project loop I was working on, looking to see where stands.
  11. Should this be Outro to Intro? Or 2 separate intros to 2 different songs?
  12. @Hergusbergus Thank you, I thought of using trombones or something, but still learning how to write for some brass instruments.
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