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  1. Interesting perspective, there's always more to the standard of what comprises a song. So long as things vary from genre to genre there's a disconnect of what brings the song to a certain status. A particular tribal song could be outstanding within the context that surrounds it, all while being compared to a different genre. While there shouldn't be any discredit going to the other song, this video sums up the ideas and beliefs of "different levels". A constant thought facing many artists that I interact with is that they aren't at a certain level, but with this I'm hoping to shed some light on understanding that there are different paths to progress through music. Not focusing on someone else's progress, so that they can free up the efforts to work on their own projects. I don't believe that anyone needs to run a specific path to attain a level of success as a musician, for me; I believe if it is an effort of enjoyment, not obligation, only then does it become worth it.
  2. My thoughts on being at different levels of music: https://youtu.be/SEsfHJefo8g
  3. @Quinn Thank you brother, lots of useful tips in the message! I definitely was worried about a melody, as I also think it would remove some of the shine from the strings. The pizzicato idea definitely seems interesting as the percussive sound would blend well with it!
  4. @Locrian7th Thank you brother! Currently it only has strings, but I want to see if I could also write some low brass and some woodwinds to spice it up, although, I've never really had any success with writing for woodwinds, something I want to practice. My laptops limitations kind of limit the creativity so I try to go for the critically aesthetic parts. I do like the idea of fast woodwinds though, I think overall if I add some pauses in there it would allow for realistic breaths in between, hopefully I could try that, or maybe even just the key alterations of the patterns for unique chord blends.
  5. Hey anyone have any feedback or suggestions for instruments to add to this?
  6. @Quinn Thank you for the listen and feedback! I was working on trying to use similar melodies while making some adjustments to both keep the central theme going as well as adding some minimalistic changes for evolving background points. I love to write songs from 3:30 to 4:30 mins currently because I want to tell a story, but am somewhat limited from my laptops specs. Then again constantly learning new ways to create dynamics with each instrument section. I guess having fun is the most important part of the process, as long as I love what I do I look forward to it.
  7. @Monarcheon When I first started writing this I couldn't find a proper orchestral chime/bell to flow along with the first note. Due to that I kind of improvised and started the percussive pattern on the weak beat of the measure I believe, and I definitely understand it sounding off for sure because it has been something I thought I kind of rushed into completing the project. Although I disagree entirely on the no meaningful rhythmic development. There's definitely a lot of whole half note rhythms following up in the song, but in order for things to stand out, there needs to be a set of contrast to stand out from. I didn't use any special time signatures or tempo changes. In one of the verses, where it kind of completely changes tune I see what you mean with strings clashing for a lead, but that's something that I adore, when there are chaotic types of leads and harmonies. A lot of music that I listen to bring light to that style. Definitely agree with the intro though.
  8. @Quinn I definitely agree with you, even when we lose passion to for music if it's true to us, it'll always come back. When I stopped playing guitar for a while there was still a part of me that just had fun playing music. I wouldn't mind that I wasn't in a band and I just had fun playing covers of songs. To me there was always so much energy in the music that after every workshift that I finished, I always wanted to practice! A form or mental relaxation when you're just jamming out, its like you become numb to all other noise and distractions, I definitely enjoyed that! And that's why I believe that you're right about that, even when the dark times come, there's always a desire to just return to it. Like 2nd nature to have a hobby such as playing an instrument!
  9. Hey guys these are my opinions on losing the passion to make music:
  10. @KJthesleepdeprived Will do, need to sort out a couple more sections and I'll share a link.
  11. @Gustav Johnson honestly it's where some of the best and most inventive ideas come from!
  12. @Esper LoT ensemble, Dragon ensemble, Remo Rose Bowl 10ft drum from stormdrum 3. Earthquake ensemble, bowed cymbal, Godzilla Hits from stormdrum 2, Bass Drum Concert, from EW symphonic orchestra.
  13. Hey does the timing of the accents seem off?
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