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  1. I was just about to repost it reworked some, needs some balancing, but here it goes
  2. The strings volume is thrown off from previous loop, was more interested in seeing about the Horns melody and if it blends.
  3. Overall I'm looking to create something with more action, abrupt sounding with varied articulations. Probably alternating to strings with leads to return to a stringed chorus.
  4. @Tónskáld Definitely off to a good start with the brass section.
  5. which instruments take lead? song examples anything will help. orchestral genre.
  6. @OliverKovacs Don't know if it's the sound effects or the scale.
  7. @Pns It doesn't sound bad at all, just be more confident and reassured in your music, as far as other people's opinions. At the end of the day, when I write music all I care is that I'm happy with it.
  8. @Hergusbergus I'm no expert, but there's not really any conflicting melodies or anything like that so, I think it blends well together.
  9. @bryla I'm new to writing for strings, but how long would you recommend for each of the up/down bows?
  10. SilverWolf


    Hey @Samusiq was the link attached?
  11. Yeah I could probably switch the second 8 measures of percussion a little lighter, but trying to keep a crescendo sound to it to lead it back to the chorus.
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