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    United States
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    Orchestral Music, EDM, Rock, Metal, Blues, Hip Hop
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    Hans Zimmer, Two Steps From Hell, Thomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix, Christopher Drake, John Williams, Full Tilt, Amon Amarth, Brushy One String, Chris Thomas King, Empyreon, Trentemoller
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    FL Studio, East West Symphonic Orchestra Platinum, East West Platinum Pianos(Steinway only atm), East West Stormdrum 2, East West Stormdrum 3, Serum, and Sytrus
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    Piano and Guitar

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About Me

New composer working on some songs to release as singles and build a fanbase. I started a community of musicians to communicate and share their music on a discord server https://discord.gg/qbhs2DF. I currently only have a couple of projects, but have several others unreleased works in progress. Here's a link 

Here's a part of the same song https://soundcloud.com/silverwolf941/project


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