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    I'm an American composer of instrumental music. I enjoy hybridizing altered scales with traditional harmonies.
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    Iceland/United States
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    Something non-musical
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    Writing music, playing piano, being outdoors, traveling
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    Debussy, Gershwin, Ravel, Sibelius
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    Sibelius, Spitfire Labs (VSL)
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    Piano, viola, clarinet, flute, French horn

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About Me

I began composing at age 15 after listening to and falling in love with Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Early on, my musical style was heavily influenced by Vivaldi, Mozart and Mendelssohn; later by Rachmaninoff, Dvorák and Bach; and finally settled on the Impressionists: Debussy, Ravel and Sibelius. I've written for everything but chamber (string quartets are hard work) and love solo piano the best. As a musician, I play the piano and viola, and you will forgive me if I give precedence to the viola section in my orchestral works.

Stylistically, my music is "Impressionistic" with just enough lyricism to flirt with Romanticism. I strongly dislike sudden orchestral outbursts or sustained dramatic passages, so you'll find my works have an ebb-and-flow feeling to them. I like the Lydian mode (and augmented fourths in general) and try to use alternative harmonies wherever possible to make my works sound more exotic and unique. I also like the dim7 chord family and you'll hear that a lot in my works, as well.

My goal is to have my stuff performed by a symphony orchestra (or orchestras), and it would also be nice to be commissioned as a filmscore writer. However, music is not my vocation so I'm focusing right now on networking in the musical community, getting my name out there, and so forth.

It's a pleasure to be a part of the YC community and I look forward to meeting many of you here!

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