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  1. Thank you Tonskald, That's a really helpful suggestion. I always worry that the parts I attempt to write for piano are too basic... so I think that is why it is so visually busy! Thank you for also your encouragement... I was aiming for a piece that has emotional effect so glad to read it comes across that way. Thanks for taking the time to listen and give feedback. very much appreciated.
  2. "Some Guy That Writes Music"...Thank you for your kind words and feedback... it's really helpful to have some specific advice. I know what you mean with the "alto" ranges, I sing in a community choir... and I guess I wrote thinking of them... our alto section is more dense than the Sops, so I guess that's why I wrote it that way. I didn't think about how easy it would be to actually sing (I know... rookie error!) so that's helpful. The lyric issues are an easy fix & I see what you mean. Bizarrely, I didn't really plan out the piece, it just kind of "evolved" from 3 basic ideas... but i'm happy that it's come out looking like I kind of had a plan! The courtesy sharp... I know it should be there... I just can't work out how to do in in musescore (not that i've tried really hard to find out though- it's going on the "to do" list) I'm encouraged that there are parts that sound good to others... you never quite know whether others will like what you've written. Thanks again for taking the time to listen and write feedback... i'm a little sad, but it has made my day!! 😉
  3. I think sounds convincing 😀. I like particularly the "kyrie" parts where you introduce a G major chord and then repeat the sequence F major.
  4. Hi! I'm definitely too old to be called a "young composer", but I am a bit late to the party! This is my first piece, although it has been re-drafted MANY times. Have a look/ listen, and please give me some honest feedback..but please don't be brutal :-) I'm new to all this, but really enjoy composing, and hoping that one day i'll make a decent job of it :-) I'm not a pianist (as you probably can tell from the piano part...) so any tips/ hints for this would be fab. As would be any other feedback/ suggestions/ constructive comments, (and of course anything you think works well) is really really appreciated. Cheers!
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