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  1. Wrote a short piece in B minor, this time the theme wasn't from improvising. I just wrote this completely on the computer. Hopefully I didn't subconsciously use something from an existing piece...
  2. Wrote a short prelude somewhat inspired by Scriabin, but the place I actually got the idea of writing this was by looking at old music scores where they did that weird inverted stem thing for large jumps, and I thought: "that looks interesting"
  3. Wrote a short waltz for violin and piano. I don't actually play violin, so there's probably something unplayable in there. I might extend this to a ABACA later on...
  4. Very original! Sounds great. First romance sort of reminded me of Chernyetsky's "Russian" Romance 🙂
  5. Incredible piece! Very original. I especially like to contrasting slurred and separated accompaniment and the little pauses. I always tend to make the first accompaniment note in a waltz very low, but this worked fine without that.
  6. Thank you! Do you have any tips for composing longer pieces? (Most of my pieces just 1-2 pages long)
  7. I hope to do a set of these pieces. Also experimenting with dissonance.
  8. Very nice piece! Lots of unique colour in the orchestra. Also, which piece by Satie was this from? (just curious)
  9. I started working on a waltz and came up with a theme, but I'm not sure how to develop it. Can anyone give me any pointers? Thanks
  10. do people actually use music jotter? (I’m not sure just asking)
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