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  1. @Tónskáld Thanks. Which forum should I post in?
  2. @MonarcheonThanks. How do I do that if you don't mind my asking.
  3. Hi. I'm a beginner composer, and have set myself the challenge of writing a new piece every day over the summer holiday. This is the result of Day 3. I would love to hear any feedback. (The cello part is below the screen. Please check the Musescore link in the video's description.)  
  4. This first in a project to write a roughly 1 minute piece with a different instrumentation each day of the summer holiday. I've also focused on using different modes and scales for each piece. I thought I'd undertake this challenge to improve my compositions. Feel free to give feedback.
  5. I'm a guitarist and new to composing, so I wanted to improve by composing a new piece every day over a 6 week period (summer holiday), with a focus on different keys and modes, and differing instrumentation. This is a piano piece I wrote 2 days ago.
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