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  1. Updated it. Turns out it's being used as fighting music so I acted accordingly. How's it sound?
  2. This is supposed to be ominous background music for a specific, dark level in a video game that's in production. Too ominous?
  3. To me it sounds like it could have some sort of bass in the first eight measures, also the end sounded confused a little but I'm amusing it'll lead to another part of the song. Good work.
  4. Trying to make a sort of military-esque composition, and of course nothing is more military than brass and snare. But am I using too much?
  5. Finally found out how to fix the audio and also gave the song an unfinished beginning. There will be a better transition from beginning to middle, don't worry.
  6. I always use Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Percussion, and most times Stromdrum 3 for the 'Lord of Toms' instrument. Recently I've also been using Silk for my current composition.
  7. I never actually used the divisi versions of the instruments so I wouldn't know.
  8. EWQL's Hollywood Strings Diamond if talking about orchestra, and EWQL's Silk if talking about the Chinese instrument. (Note: Converting WAV to MP3 makes the music sound bad but it's the only way I can actually post here.)
  9. Third Version. I wonder if the build up is okay? Feedback is most welcome
  10. I find the music I listen to to have segments of the music be at least 8-16 measures long, sometimes shorter or longer. If you can extend segments of your pieces to fit in that range, it might help you. Here’s some examples of what I mean (all examples are in 4/4 time): first example is a segment about 7.5 measures long second example is a segment about 14 measures long third example is exactly 8 measures long
  11. This is the best I could get without much static. Here:
  12. Apparently converting the wav file into mp3 is what's messing up the sound, I'll need to find a way around this
  13. Thanks, I decided to add a transition at the end of the mid part so it can go into a more calm, traditional setting. I also added drums to build hype a bit. Is the transition too sharp? I want to make sure it isn't rough to listeners (Deleted file, apparently the sound messed up. It'll be back in a bit)
  14. Hi, I'm new. I'm currently composing a soundtrack for a video game in early development, and I've started a new composition and completed the rough draft for the climax of the song. If there are any suggestions of anything I should tweak, I'd gladly hear it. I plan to add some sort of percussion
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