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  1. Sorry I haven't replied to this. I was busy with my head in cubase and finale. I needed to comment that I forgot to mention that I figured you were more melancholy with a sanguine backup. So maybe my guess wasn't all that bad. I've never done that test. I'll do it now and see what I come out as. I wonder what is the common temperament for musicians. Certainly a lot have a strong introverted side. I listened to some of your songs. Very clever. I actually prefer it when songs aren't packed with instruments. I need to learn to see the bigger picture. I've actually never sat down and thought "right, I'm going to write a romantic piece with tons of "lushes strings" as you put it" (you have such a way with words by the way). "Hauntingly gorgeous" - I mean, what a description! It's not deserving for my singing of course but it made me laugh and I appreciated it. If the right guy is smart enough one day to describe me that way, I'd probably faint (and that'd be fairly easy since I have POTS). Anyway, my songs have all been songs actually. A lot of them were written for people. One man was dying so that was the first song I wrote. The next song was for his widow. The next song was for his son. The one after that was for a Jewish doctor/surgeon who I really love because he is really nice to me but also because he helped me get diagnosed with POTS and is still helping me investigate my needs (he's trying to find out if there's a safe trial medication to turn the NET gene back on). And so on. I normally listen to and analyze a song or a few songs that I want to learn from, and then I mix them up in my soul and pull them out again. This last one I listened to two theme songs from Defiance (about Jewish survivors in WW2), and then the theme for The Black Stallion Returns. It's nothing like their brilliance of course, but I really did try. Have a good sleep. ...I'm INFP (mediator). Very much so.
  2. I hope you'll permit me to indulge myself with one more question. For my 5th go at trying to orchestrate something, is it o.k? Or would you expect that I'd be doing better by now? It's just that I've never had the opportunity to ask anyone this, and it helps sometimes to know where you are at before moving forward again. I know I've got lots of issues I'm sure and I don't know so many things as other people. I'm just a baby though, and wondering if I'm taking my first steps o.k. That's all. I'm a 24 year old, living in rural Australia. I'm number 8 in a line of 9 children. Up until now, it's just been me with my piano and a computer. It's really late here. Goodnight P.S. I'm curious to know how long you've been composing music for and what you do. If that's o.k. I don't doubt you're advice. I'm just curious, that's all. Thanks mister (or misses). I expect that you're a sanguine temperament with a mix of melancholy. A person of two extremes. Likes to be with people, but loves some solitude too. Could be wrong. Just guessing. I like guessing.
  3. Thankyou. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my music. Of course, the only people who have heard it is my family and a few close friends (and you). I almost forgot...Really, are some instruments (like violas) meant to be in a certain group of instruments? I don't really know what an orchestra is or an ensemble or any of those groups, except that an orchestra is very big.
  4. Thankyou mister (or misses). Good thoughts, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment thoroughly like that. Below is the vocal version, and I've uploaded the PDF. But once again, listen with earphones or something. Yes, I've not had anyone teach me anything. Absolutely nothing. Maybe I can learn to compose one day with someone. I almost forgot...Really, are some instruments (like violas) meant to be in a certain group of instruments? I don't really know what an orchestra is or an ensemble or any of those groups, except that an orchestra is very big.
  5. O.K, thankyou for that. I uploaded the pdf. I've never been taught rules or theory about composition. I should probably learn to compose sometime.
  6. Yes, that's right. It's nice of you to listen and observe those things. Below is the vocal version. I'm not the worlds best singer but I'm on pitch. Do me a big favour and listen with earphones. Goodnight.
  7. Yes, you deciphered that correctly. I am entering a competition that I checked all my instruments with, and they said that all the instruments and the two extras (guitar and panflute) are "perfectly acceptable for the competition". I have quite a long list of competitions that are very equipped for orchestra (including some for younger composers), but I'll be sure to check that everything is acceptable first. I do also have a piece for piano, two violins, a cello and a flute which would be easier to find a competition for. I don't think I'm good enough to get a placement in anything, but I do love the idea of it. To be honest, I just wish for feedback. For someone to tell me whether I'm doing o.k for where I'm at; 5th try and never had a single line of advice from anyone. But I'm too scared to ask anyway for fear the answer will be horrendous. Anyway, thankyou for your advice. I wish you all the best for the future. Layla tov
  8. Thank you Maarten. Yes, I am familiar with the site. I have found a few orchestral competitions for younger composers. I will probably have to wait until next year. Piano, harp, violins I, violins 2, cellos 1, cellos 2, plucked bass, violin solo 1, violin solo 2, trumpet, flute, oboe, clarinet, panflute, snare drum, timpani, finger cymbals, crash cymbals, acoustic guitar (cubase mp3 below). Since you're the first person outside of my family to hear one of my songs, just do me a huge favour and listen through earphones. Thanks mister.
  9. Hear My Cry, O God Instrumental.mp3Hear My Cry, O God Instrumental.mp3Based on Psalm 61 but this is the instrumental version, done with Cubase. Use earphones or you can't hear the bass. My 5th try at orchestrating, and no one but my family and close friends has heard any of my music.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm new. Where the heck can I enter a competition for beginner composers that allows for a FULL ORCHESTRA! I need something with an age restriction at least. I've got a pretty nice orchestral piece, but I've never put myself out there before and I'd like to have the benefit of my age and beginner status on my side for the first go. I've looked everywhere and it's tough to find a competition for orchestra that focuses on early career composers. They're mainly for chamber orchestras. I'm from Australia BTW. Age 24. I'd really love some help if you know anything. I don't care which country is hosting the competition (as long as it's international of course). Thanks. Lydia Western
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